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Did you know that Stephen Hawking died today?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24639points) March 13th, 2018

I just found out.

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I heard it on the radio about 11:45pm on the way home. So, yes.

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No, I didn’t :(

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I just found out as well.

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I just heard a minute ago. He was a great man and an inspiration and his work will stand for eternity.

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I didn’t until just now. I guess in some part of my consciousness I thought he was going to live forever.

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He was amazingly smart, and yet still came up with some incredibly stupid ideas.

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Oh..I didn’t see this question before. Just asked similar question in general. RIP Stephen Hawking. Such a great personality and a fighter.

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At least the man got to live until 76 when doctors though he only had a few years to live.

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No I didn’t. What a brilliant mind! I think we still need him.

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His theories on gravity, black holes, and the big bang are truly amazing. His scientific accomplishments in spite of his disabilities are inspirational. And his celebrity status brought much needed attention to the study of science — probably inspiring more than a few young scientists.

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Yes. There’s a thread in General about him.

A great great man. A great loss.

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I heard just as chef threw out an expired vegetable…the irony was not lost on us

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He would have found that funny, you may carry on being offended

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No, I’m not offended @ucme I found it funny I was just saying.

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