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How does one get on "House Hunters" on HGTV?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) March 15th, 2018

I enjoy watching House Hunters and House Hunters International on HGTV.
This got me to wondering, how do people get on such a show?

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It probably helps to have a ton of money to put down on a house.

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House Hunters is completely fake. You apparently need to have already purchased a house to perform on this show, which makes sense considering the absurd plot.

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I know someone who was on House Hunters International. First, they got a job in Zurich and knew they were moving. Then they sent in an audition video. It did not hurt that both members of the couple were very easy on the eyes.

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@thisismyusername It does seem odd that the couples are always very happy with their choice. Don’t think that’s true IRL.

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@2davidc8: “It does seem odd that the couples are always very happy with their choice. Don’t think that’s true IRL.”

Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. Imagine a world in which you go to buy a house, and all you get to do is pick between 3 houses. This isn’t how house buying works. At all.

Anyway, I recall hearing an interview or reading something years ago about how many of the houses that were shown as one of the 3 candidates weren’t even for sale. So, the couple already has an accepted offer on a house. They they go to that house and 2 others (that aren’t even for sale) and pretend to shop. They then pretend to debate which one they will pick and then pretend to get a call saying that their offer was accepted. All acting.

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^So true, I looked at well over 100 houses before I bought the one I’m in now.

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Well, I always figured that each couple actually looked at a lot more than 3 houses, because you couldn’t really discuss each and every one on the show. It would take too long and it would be too boring. So, I figured each couple and the producers selected the 3 that would make for a best show. What I find unrealistic is that they are always super happy with their choice, even many months afterwards.

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