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Know any place where I can get House M.D soundtrack?

Asked by Christian95 (3260points) February 9th, 2010

I don’t mean the generic song I mean those beautiful song at the end and sometimes and the beginning of each episode.It’s not necessary to have the soundtrack from the first season.I’d like 5 and 6 and maybe 4

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Do you mean this?
Massive attack – teardrop.

There is a House CD out, available from the official webby :)

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@phoebusg no this is the generic song(i mentioned in the description that this is not what I want)

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@Christian95 Massive Attack’s Teardrop is not generic!

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I believe that somewhere on Spotify there is a playlist of that sort? Might be worth investing in?

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The only tune that is in all House shows is the Massive Attack one that you told the first responder you don’t want. All the others change with the episodes, just like all TV shows. Those songs can usually be found listed on various web sites a few days after the show is aired.

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