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Do you like that Fluther has a meta section?

Asked by SergeantQueen (11751points) March 20th, 2018

Not all sites have a section/spot for this. Most sites you have to submit a question and wait a few days or read Q&A’s that they pre-made. I like this section.

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Used to, use to be fun.

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Yes, I like it.

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Yeah..that’s unique feature of Fluther which you’ll find rarely on other sites. @KNOWITALL- Would be great if you can share links to such threads on Meta!

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I suppose. I would think it would be more relevant if there were more traffic in General, and Social. Then it would make more sense to have this separate section.

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Yes, though I sometimes forget it exists.

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We are certainly better off with it than without it.

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@imrainmaker Meh, too many new people and some we lost since then, but it was like we were all on the phone razzing each other.

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@KNOWITALL I’m not clear about what that feeling has to do with Meta which has always been just for questions about the site?

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@janbb Because posting old fun threads with members no longer alive would be hurtful to me. So I won’t.

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