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What CRM features do you use most? Which additional features you wish were available?

Asked by FluffyTecky (78points) March 24th, 2018

There are many CRM options ranging from free to premium, from saas to standalone packages. Some of the most complete ones are quite pricy. However, there are a new generation of CRM apps that are starting to use AI technology. I am in process to do research in this area to find out what are the needs people have that the old ones don’t provide. I am planning to create an app which I will launch free to use to gather feedback from the users. This is my first attempt to gather ideas from you in this smart collective of like minds.

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If your CRM doesn’t tie into your bug ticket system (and by extension, the development servers) it is no good.

If the CRM doesn’t import/export, it is useless.

Why reinvent the wheel?

By the way, I am not sure that AI and CRM are going to work well together. I can see AI making plenty of wrong decisions because it doesn’t have perspective and intuited history on a customer by customer basis.

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@elbanditoroso, thanks for your feedback on this.
I know that AI hasn’t worked well in other applications, but if we have a system that tracks a user behavior, we can learn what he likes to do in the CRM and what he doesn’t. This information in itself would be valuable enough to dedicate more time to develop those features. Of course this would be based on hundreds of users. Another possibility would be to tailor a user behavior and enhance his/her account – personalize it – so it learns what the user likes and dislikes by not using certain features.
Some common features a CRM must definitely provide are import/export in various formats for sure. The servers would definitely must be reliable and make sure bugs are are corrected in a timely manner. It should accept feedback from its users to improve the whole system and provide a better experience.

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