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What are the benefits of living in a tourist town?

Asked by jonsblond (43646points) March 28th, 2018

I hope to hear from fellow Jellies who have lived in tourist areas. What was your experience?

We’ve all heard the nightmares of locals hating tourists. This is not what I’m asking for. I want to focus on the positive.

I grew up in Las Vegas. I have fond memories of tourists I met. I’d love to hear your stories.

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It’s a big deal here in Charleston SC. We’re a port city, but we definitely get most of our revenue from tourism. The area is constantly growing. Lots of people decide to move here, after visiting.

It’s a great place for food and beverage work. Word on the street, is a bartender can make six figures here.

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Entertainment always available, varied foods sources, museums and shows. Some of those are also a available in college towns too.

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Lots of free entertainment around here in the summer, great beaches, all kinds of restaurants. “Locals summer’ in September and October when the beaches are ours. Diversity in people; a lot of the recent upsurge in popularity in my city was started by gays moving in and it is a fairly tolerant place for the main.

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Any work you find will probably be outside.

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Lived near gatlinburg/pigeon forge for a while. Some pretty cool people at car shows, other than that jut a lot of unfamiliar faces running around. Wife and I still take a weekend every now and then and enjoy being “tourists”

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We get kind of touristy for one month out of the year, when we have bluegrass in September. I kind of like it. It it’s touristy, there is something really special about the town.

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Food is a big part of culture.

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