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Do you come from a family where your Mom and Dad (and/or siblings) are opposites in terms of having an "artistic bent" versus a "business or scientific" bent?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13996points) June 10th, 2011

My mother has a strong “artistic side” to her——she is very musical and sees beauty in the things around her. She is sensitive and takes pleasure in music and art. My father, in contrast, is non-artistic, with a very “business mind”. He is great with numbers and finances, and couldn’t care less about artistic endeavours or seeing the beauty in things around him. This dichotomy between my Mom and Dad also exists among my siblings. I am more like my second brother, who is more “artistically inclined” and musical. We both love literature and music, and appreciate beauty in nature. My two other brothers are like my Dad. Sometimes these differences are a source of conflict in our family, with the “artistic” people getting into fights/disagreements with the “non-artistic” group, and vice-versa. Do you have the same experience with your own parents/siblings?

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My mum is of the highly sensitive and religious type. My dad is the opposite, highly insensitive and not very religious at all. They often clash together because of this.
As for me and my 4 siblings, there isn’t as much distinction between the sensitive and artistic ones. My one and only brother is the most sensitive between us 5. We’re all very artistic, and don’t get into as many arguements as other siblings often do.
The only thing that sometimes causes arguements between us or mum is when I touch upon rationality ( something I most definitley get from my dad ) and my lack of “practising” religion ( I’m not a very religious person, unlike my mum ).
Overall, yes I do come from that type of a family :)

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My dad is very business minded and a pretty damn intelligent man. He graduated from Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and he ran his own business for years.

Years ago, my mom used to help run little arts and crafts programs. She never attended culinary school, but damn can that woman cook. She’s definitely more “arty”, but still relatively business minded, as well.

Aside from screenwriting/filmmaking, I don’t consider myself very artistic. I can’t draw, paint, sculpt and I don’t play music any longer. I mean, I love ceramics, but I’m not very good at making things. I enjoy photography, but I suck at taking pictures. I’d say I’m pretty entrepreneurial and have followed in my father’s footsteps when it comes to that.

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As it turns out, no. When young then my dad was “the business guy” although not a very good one and my mom was the artist. I was always artistic, wanting to be an artist of something but actually very good with business stuff. My sibling is a writer and very much into the arts. All of us write to some extent with the exception of my mother who is the best with hands on creations of the physical sense.

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In my nuclear family everyone is sort of in the middle, although some lean more one way than the other. On my mom’s side of my extended family they are extremely art, and the arts, oriented. The aren’t any fights because there are not very big extremes. My sister is more into art, although not much of an artist, and I will happily go to the art museum with her. She knows a ton more than me about various painters and the general history of art. I actually enjoy live theatre more than she, even though I tend to be somewhat picky about what musical or ballet I will go to. She has said that she wished she had done a career working in the art field rather than what she does do.

My dad who had a real void of the arts growing up, except that he was from NYC so it is around you, even if your family does not have the inclination, enjoys going to the theatre and art museums almost more than my mom, who was raised with a tremendous amount of art influence, information, and education. My dad is color blind, red an green, and anything close to those, look shades of grey to him.

My mom actually has some talent. Her artwork from school is pretty good. But she never paints or draws, has no desire too.

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My mom was a fine arts major and she now runs an internet business where she sells her handspun yarn.
My dad was a mechanical engineering major, but his job (manager of a wind park) is more business/management leaning than engineering.
I’m glad to have grown up in a household that emphasizes both the right and left brain. Though I’m an engineering major in school, I have “inherited” passions from both parents. I play two instruments, I draw, I make jewelry… and I build robots and study multivariable calculus. I don’t think there is any reason why art and science can’t coexist; I am passionate about both.

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My whole family, on both my mother’s and father’s side, are more artistic than business-inclined.

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Nope….there is a thread of similar interests throughout my parents, siblings and even cousins. This question just made me realize this! hmmmm. :)

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My mom was artistic.My dad was definitely all business.My sibs and I all creative people,but they are much more business-minded than I.

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There wasn’t much a contrast between my Mom and Dad as between us siblings. I have 3 older sisters and one older brother. My oldest sister is very analytical. My second oldest is the artistic one, not sporty at all. My youngest sister is not too bright, not artistically, nor technically minded. My brother is all business, no art. I am a combination of both sides. I love making music and I am the only one in the family to take up learning various musical instruments. I also have a very technical and analytical mind.

I’m a daywalker! lol


@Schroedes13 I read your profile my friend. You sound like you come from a very loving family. That’s great.

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Ya I do. I’m thankful everyday for having a family that is so close and caring, devoid of any major issues.

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