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Where is the muster point for Fluther?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19446points) March 31st, 2018

In case the site crashes? Asked in 2016 but not answered for where we can meet in case of disaster?

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I’d probably check the Facebook Fluther group.

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I have a site that currently has registration closed. But the chat is open. If the worst happened I could mirror the forum for refugees with a new DB. I have zero interest in any sort of moderating a Fluther clone. So people would have to step up to clean up the shit.

And Seek runs a Flutherish site too.

So there are places.

Ideally if this place was to shut down we would get ample notice. Even with 24 hours notice I could toss something up so everyone still has a place. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

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the appliance service center in beautiful downtown Hyderabad.

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After 10 years of q&a it’s time to move on. This has taken enough time from me. I’m grateful and have fond memories and I’d like to keep it that way. :)

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Yeah, I’m kind of on board with you, @Aethelwine. I would not be welcome at the site @Kardamom mentioned, and trying to find something else would take more energy than I would be willing to expend.
And really, if spring ever actually comes, I plan to be out enjoying it! If.

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@canidmajor I would never join a site where grown ass women publicly bitch about people from this site. That’s middle school behavior that borders on online bullying. Ain’t nobody got time for that. ;)

Fluther was my first q&a. My only q&a. That’s how it will remain til it’s no longer here. I know how to contact those who I care about if Fluther goes away. Life goes on.

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@Aethelwine, I like Metafilter, but I have no real desire to join them, they’ve got interesting stuff, there to just read.
I’ve thought about Quora, but probably won’t go there, I like an anonymous forum.
Yeah, this would probably be it for me.

But it’s not gone yet, in spite of the best efforts of some! :-)

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@Aethelwine, are you suggesting that I am bitching about people from Fluther on the site I gave as an example of a lifeboat? I am using that site and it has been very calm, and mature and interesting, giving some of us a different kind of an outlet that is much needed.

I’m not bitching about anyone. I’m just asking and answering questions there, as are the other members, some of whom fled Fluther, and some whom are brand new members that have come from elsewhere.

You don’t have to go there. I just offered up this information for the people who would like to have a place to go if Fluther ceases to exist.

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^I’m not suggesting anything. I’m stating a fact. Friends showed me things that were posted there about certain users here. And let’s not forget the awful things you posted on the fb group. Again, just stating facts. When I said I wasn’t going to any other site my answer was for the OP and @canidmajor. I have no desire for any back and forth with you.


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Everything I posted on the FB group was true.

I’d like to see the posts your friends showed you, because I have not seen anyone bitching about anyone on Fluther. The site is for people who actually want to ask and answer Q’s like we all used to on this site.

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Because, you know, calling someoneShit on a stick, and dipped in granola on an open thread, on an easily viewable site (read the thread, folks, she’s referring to me) isn’t technically bitching, right?

Keepin’ it classy, @Kardamom.

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“Shit on a stick and dipped in granola.” Damn that is ugly and uncalled for.

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@Kardamom Saying my son lying to my husband and I about his identity all these years is equivalent to how EC lied to everyone on Fluther? Comparing a transgender child to a catfisher? That’s truth? Are you kidding me? (my son wasn’t lying. you clearly don’t understand transgender issues.) And let me remind you that I wasn’t even in the group when you posted this shit. Then you suggested I was probably wringing my hands because I wasn’t the one who got to tell everyone here that EC was a liar. All I cared about was two friends who I thought might be hurt by this revelation. I had no bad intentions at all. None of what you said had any truth to it. You were just being mean. Someone alerted me and added me so I could respond to you. You were talking shit about my family on the internet and it was uncalled for. I don’t see anything intelligent or mature about the things you’ve said about me or Canidmajor. Girl, you have issues, that’s all I have to say.

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The sun goes down, the sun goes up, Fluther’s still here. I’ll be here as long as that’s the case.

I’m pretty sure @ben would give everyone a heads up were anything going to happen—so, not sure we need to worry about it until that hypothetical moment.

Side note: on Fluther, we prefer our granola in parfait, layered with yogurt and fresh berries.

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I took a peek at the last few pages of that thread and I could barely figure out what it was about.

@canidmajor The “Shit on a stick, and rolled in granola.” didn’t look to me like it was calling anyone that. It’s just in a post by itself. Looked to me more like it was just commenting on how convoluted all the speculation was or something.

Whatever, at least the shit on a stick rolled in granola isn’t on fire…

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@zaku. You had to go back to the beginning of the thread because I didn’t see it either from the “shit on a stick” comment going forward.

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This page has all the rude talk about canidmajor. Keeping it classy.-

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To clear up any confusion, I don’t actually perceive myself as impaled feces.
Just sayin’.

And really, to come back almost three weeks later to reference the earlier remark…<eyeroll>

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@chyna Ok thanks. It was hard for me to make head or tail by reading from the end backwards.

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not that I owe any explanations, but if Kardamom wants to spread any truths about my life, she can find it on my profile page

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