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Good careers that don't involve too much math? suggestions?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) August 16th, 2008

Still deciding on my future, and want to hear some suggestions on some good jobs that do not involve advanced math.

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My gang all took a broad range of Liberal Arts and have been non-fiction writers, teachers and educational administrators, photographers, editors, non-profits.

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Hmm, that’s hard. Almost any career involves math at some point in time. In fact, I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t.

As for ones that don’t involve too much math?
Teacher [other than math, obviously.]
Most jobs having to do with fitness [personal trainer, physical therapist, etc.]
Most beauty jobs [hair dresser, manicurist, masseuse, etc.]
Probably more that I can’t think of…

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writing, journalism, acting, politics, law, athlete, travel agent, city planner, carpentry, tailor, photographer musician, to name a few.

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@flyaway; see me ^^. The whole gang together couldn’t solve an algebraic equation.

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Arts, Media & Entertainment, require basic math in most cases (basic Algebra and quantitative logic). Unless you plan on technical jobs like broadcast engineer, most content jobs are a balance of writing, communication and general technology knowledge.

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Counselling, Social Worker, Psychologist, teacher, chef, jeweler, artist….

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@Gail; Ahh, just saw. Good answers! It’s hard to come up with jobs that hardly include mathematics on a regular basis.

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All jobs in all walks of life involve math to some degree. Besides those mentioned, you could consider PR, communications, broadcasting, acting, history.

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Massage Therapist

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Clinical psychology.

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@curiouscat: I’m pretty sure you’re a teenager, and I think it’s too young to be considering this. Take classes in college, based on your interests. If you go into college undeclared, you will eventually choose a major, and then likely narrow in on something within that major. If you don’t like math, chances are, you’re going to be interested in things not related to math. Just follow your interests, and they should lead you to a good career.

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@girlofscience, true, but it won’t hurt to lift some one’s spirits who thinks that if they’re not math inclined they’re destined to flip burgers their whole life.

Our culture tends to tell kids that if they don’t do well in math they’ll never be successful, which isn’t true. You have to pass a certain amount of math, but not being good at it in no way means you cann’t get into a good career.

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Try medical trancriptionist..

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How many people here use math (other than taxes, calculator, CPA or abacus) for their careers? I never did.

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I don’t.

If I have to count higher than 10, off come the shoes. And socks.

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i dont know what i want to to do in my life my dad says i have to know soon an its drives me crasy im am not good at any thing i just want a fun job that i can do i am not good in math or anything that involves thinking to much i like do stuff

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@Brittbabii82 :I don’t mean to be unkind but perhaps before you plan a career, you should pay more attention in English class. I counted six sentences in the run-on one above before my eyes gave out. (crazy). All jobs involve thinking.

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As someone in clinical psychology I know there is a boat load of math in this field in the form of statistics. Also there is a lot of quantitative psychological testing involved in training programs. You don’t need calculus (though the concepts of it could help), but definitely there is a lot of embedded algebra and geometry.

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@gailcalled, I don’t think that’s strictly true. There’s always modeling, basketball and politics.

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@6ran6t: True about modeling and politics, but doesn’t basketball have some complex plays?

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@gailcalled: Complex plays, true. Stoppard’s the worst. But little complex MATH. Possible exceptions: Proof, and Copenhagen.

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I just failed my second algebra test ,and I think I will be expelled from the university, I hate that damn algebra, only for that matter I will give up from the university, even a police ticket I recived that day that, after i failed the algebra test for running a red light, at the end what we need in life is the 4 basic operations, in most career I DONT NEED THIS shit
f (X) = 3x(x-1)

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