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I'm looking for software that will automatically eliminate DUPLICATES from iTunes.

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 17th, 2008

Looking for tried and true, with links. Freeware preferred.

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if your on a mac google doug’s scripts. There should be something there to help.

sorry on iPhone so can’t be bothered messing about trying to put a link in

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Let me look of up on A month ago they had a program that does just that. It also fixes any mislabeling you may have.

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I use a PC with Windows XP

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You can use iTunes for that.

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That “show duplicates” feature in iTunes sucks, but it will sometimes show you dupes.

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The iTunes feature SHOWS the dupes, but you have to remove them manually. I want to automatically remove the dupes. They HAVE software for that but I’m looking for tried and true.

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Deleting the files automatically is actually very difiicult. Audio files are not like text files. You can’t examine them to see if two are the same. (OK, you can compare tags and kind and size information, but even this can produce mixed results, as users of the iTunes “Show Duplicate Songs” command generally atest.) Tracks represent sound files. So, you have to listen to them. But when you get right down to it, despite the text-based nature of audio file tags, only a device with ears can be the final arbiter of what a duplicate sounds like compared to the original.

For example a duplicate could be something you’ve re ripped by mistake from the same CD, but it could also be the same track from a different CD (greatest hits CD or a compilation). Is that actually a duplicate? Which one would you delete the album track or the compilation CD track?

What Im getting at is that what you consider a duplicate and what the software designer considers a duplicate may be very different. Also the outcome of any automatic organization will depend on how accurately you tagged the files in the first place.

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google Doug’s Scripts iTunes (I’m out and about on iPhone). Also you can find the same answer if you search Fluther under iTunes duplicate as the keywords.

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Dupes? nope, different versions of different songs :)

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In my case, they ARE dupes. Whatever I did when i moved the files to an external drive I wound up duplicating. We’re talking hundreds.

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sndfreQ, “iTunes duplicates” turned up nothing on Fluther.

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Doug’s scripts are for Mac? I use a PC with XP Pro.

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For Mac users, you might try Tidy Up! or iTunes Dupe Barrier:

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