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Is this a sign of things to come for Mueller?

Asked by seawulf575 (12923points) May 7th, 2018

I came across this article. It appears that much vaunted Manafort indictment is struggling in court. Is this a sign of how the rest of Mueller’s investigation will go?

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Mueller’s investigation is a huge and involved effort to establish the truth about Russian meddling in US elections.I wouldn’t read as much into one minor courtroom incident as “Dailycaller” seems prepared to do and why? Isn’t it important we get to the bottom of this?

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“Isn’t it important we get to the bottom of this?”
Only if it were about Hillary.

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Old Republican doesn’t support investigation of Trump?!!!!!!!!

Trump must be innocent!

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It’s another sign that Trump is guilty of multiple crimes… And the Mueller is clearly getting closer to Trump.

If Trump were innocent, there would be no reason to attack the team investigating him…

It is a sign of things to come, in that Trump’s tactics will remain the same. He will attempt to discredit, and invalidate those investigating him. Again, acts of a guilty man.

As Trump’s crimes become more transparent, he will ratchet up his war on the truth. He will attempt to get his base all upset (shouldn’t be hard, because they’re idiots,) to cloud the issue. Fact will be called “fake news,” and stupidity will ensue.

The judge, in this case, has proven to be biased, and should be replaced. End of conversation…

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The judge in question is known for being challenging to prosecutors. However, the prosecutor did say that the connection to the purview of the Special Prosecutor’s investibgation will be laid out in court. At trial, it will all be tied together.

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“The Daily Caller”? Really? Grasp at all the straws you can manage.

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@seawulf575 Has a bi-line on the The Daily Caller, but wont admit it

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How biased is your news source? The Daily Caller is right up down there with the National Enquirer!

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I have heard on other more mainstream media sources that this particular federal judge had been very adversarial toward the Mueller team so while the particular news source cited may be of questionable repute I think the story in general is accurate.

As for whether there is more of the same in store for the team I would say that would depend entirely on how much any particular magistrate allows his judgement and impartiality to be colored by his personal party biases instead of sticking to the law.

Personally I cannot see a problem with what was presented or the time line for the charged offenses. Trump, Manafort and the others have been dealing with the Russians for decades and it is within that time frame that you will begin to see the cooperation and quid pro quo begin. This is not something that just popped up overnight. Someone did not just one day three months before the election “hey lets collude and see what we can do”. No, this was, and continues to be a long term relationship and as such needs to be viewed in its entirety, and not as a single isolated incident.

Mueller is not doing anything any other prosecutor would not do; lean on the peons to get to the higher ups. Manafort could be that top dog or he could just be the next rung up the ladder.

And, to state that nothing has come of the investigation thus far is not correct. There have been, what, 23 indictments thus far, Manafort being one of them? Remember, the Benghazi investigations (plural, more than one) took four years and resulted in no indictments and, even the investigation of Clintons emails took over two years and that too led to no indictments so I would say that to date is has been a productive investigation

The fact that information regarding the investigation is not leaking from Muellers team speaks to their professionalism and diligence and not to any lack of results. I would not expect to see leaks from people who know their jobs and do them well.

The fact that leaks from the Trump Administration seem to occur almost daily also gives an idea of the professionalism and capabilities of members of his team.

So let us give the man his time and space to conduct a thorough, complete investigation, let him pursue the leads he believes appropriate and wait and see what happens.

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^Helluva GA!

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I don’t doubt for a second that Mueller wants manafort to rat out Trump. But what of it? It isn’t as though Mueller is hounding an innocent man. It should have been obvious from the outset that the Trump crowd (like Trump himself) could not withstand close investigation. A trail of crimes on the periphery of Russia/Trump collusion is exactly what was anticipated. All the noise and smoke about Mueller exceeding his authority misses the point that these people have committed serious crimes, collusion or otherwise. In the end, there is no question that the Mueller investigation, if nothing else, will remove several felons from the halls of power in our government, and that’s just fine by me.

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“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud,” Ellis said to prosecutor Michael Dreeben, at times losing his temper. Ellis said prosecutors were interested in Manafort because of his potential to provide material that would lead to Trump’s “prosecution or impeachment.”
Well, duh. That’s been Mueller goal from the beginning. If there is nothing there, though, Trump should have nothing to worry about.

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