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Why do the Russians find American conservatives so adorable?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24123points) May 11th, 2018 from iPhone
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Probably because many are homophobes like the Russians.

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I think it’s the authoritarianism and top-down direction that is the attraction.

Conservatives are not creative thinkers; they tend to accept the past, whatever it is (hence: conservative), and they tend to respect the loudest voice in the room, because they are taught to follow authority, not question it.

Although Russia came from a leftist-communist background, and conservatives are right wing, there is great similarity in their world views.

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GA @elbanditoroso

Similar values, ideals, ideas of governance and desires to be the ones who decide right and wrong.

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Birds of a feather!

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Because they don’t have the brains to see what is happening.

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They don’t. They find them gullible and easy to manipulate.

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I was going to say the same thing as @Kardamom.

And…thugs understand one another in a way that others never will.

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@Jeruba Yes, and so do corrupt people who like making extremely profitable deals with each other.

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You know it’s an interesting thought. We finally have an administration capable of ending 70 years of hostility with the Russians. An alliance of kleptocracies—Peace through organized crime.

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@stanleybmanly: I used to live in “Little Italy,” Boston’s North End. It was controlled by certain families (I didn’t know that when I moved in). Very quiet, peaceful neighborhood, with great public celebrations—parades, music, food—every summer weekend and lots of amenities.

The only thing was, some people weren’t welcome there and got roughed up as a reminder not to come back. That included some of my friends. Nice place to live if you could manage not to be bothered by things like that.

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It’s like the attraction to McDonald’s. Cheap, terrible products, and terrible service. But you can’t beat the price!

The “morally superior” conservatives, sell their souls easily, to further their short term extortion of the planet….

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