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Have you found any bug / mistake in any software you use as end user?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) May 12th, 2018

Other than Fluther have you found out any glitch in the software you were using (which may not be easily noticable)? Did you inform the concerned people about the same? It can be anything commercial/free and used for any purpose.

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I’ve tested programs and systems since 1965. Yes lots of glitches right out of the box.

I was one of the end users.

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^Not as a job but as normal u
ser going through the site/app you found out something and reported the issue?

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Ever? Yes, and quite often, when they make it easy enough to report an issue and it seems like someone will see it and care. Games, web browsers, operating systems, applications, web sites…

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You have no idea how often 3ds Max crashes every single day.

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For sure. You can see one for yourself if you’d like:

It’s the website for Lucky Supermarkets.
You cannot log in or register if you’re on WiFi. You can only log in or register if you’re on a cell phone with a data plan. So, from a PC from home, with WiFi, I can’t do anything with my account.

I’ve told them about this several times over the past 6 months, but they’ve done nothing. They need to fire their programmer.

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