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Why does my iPod touch say "can not connect to youtube" when I try to launch youtube?

Asked by atr408 (357points) May 15th, 2008 from iPhone

i jailbroke my iPod to v1.1.4 earlier today and youtube was working fine. Then my battery was low so I charged it and then about 2 hours later I came back and tried to go on youtube but it wasnt working. Why?

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Just a simple thing but are you sure your connected to a network

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yeah I’m sure. I’m on fluther using my iPod right now

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have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Many times. They have a patch in the installer thing. They actualy have 3 patches. I’ve used them all numerous times. still doesn’t work. I would be understanding if it didnt work from the begining, but it did work. Then a while later it stopped working. Frustrating.

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what kind of patch are you talking about, a firmware update from apple or a 3rd party patch?

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if it’s a patch from within installer on a jailbroken iPod touch, it’s third party.

I don’t know if the iPod touch has an “airplane mode” like the iPhone, but have you tried turning wifi off, turning it back on, then trying to connect again? Sometimes I have the same issue on my iPhone, and turning on and off airplane mode helps.
If all else fails, you could always restore your iPod, then jailbreak it again

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ziphone? If so then just restore and rejailbreak.. Worked for me, Without the youtube patches.good luck..

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ya its the ziphone. But ok I’ll try that

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don’t jailbreak

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it can lead to problems down the road. It basically just screws up your iPod. All my friends did it and they regret it. Just wait for the June update it’ll be worth it.

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I have the exact same problem and Ive tried everything and nothing workss… Someone please help.
I’ve tried changing the date and time .I reseted my iPod and everything but the YouTube still won’t workk
p.s. Safari does work tho

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I have the same problem , I Jailbroke it then restored it and it says every time “Cant Connect To YouTube”.I’ve Fixed the time and date, any help ?

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go to your setting and look at the internet connection to see if it has a check.If it does than go to the main menu screen and look at the top left hand corner to see if its bars are full.If not than youtube wont work.

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