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Should I quit my present Job?

Asked by StarFlag (37points) May 21st, 2018

I’m a Asian male 31. Regular employee with 4 yrs in service in a company with good job position. I’m planning to quit in the end of this year because of the reason I wanted to have more freedom and be self employed instead.Any advice?

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I’d suggest you make sure you have a steady plan before you quit your job.
If by self-employed you mean you have your own business then you need to already have it started and making money before you quit otherwise you won’t have an income to pay for it.
So don’t quit this one until you get the other one going first.

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You never quit without already having found (and been given) a job.

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How do you plan to pay your expenses while you are waiting for your business to expand? Do you have any funds saved up? Have you already some experience in the field? How well are you connected in the industry? Do you have support from family? Do you have a Partner?

If no to any of these, consider starting out part time and keep your old job.

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I think being Asian is irrelevant to the question. For that matter, so is being male.

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@elbanditoroso Irrelevant for us, as it should be for everyone but some people find it relevant and it could affect things it shouldn’t, and maybe he put that in there for that reason

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I have never left a job without having another one waiting for me to start.Even IF you pursue your goal of becoming self employed, I suggest you start your business on the side & give it time to grow before giving up any full-time employment!!! That way, if for any reason, your business fails to thrive, you still have some income to fall back on. It’s also easier to find another job IF you have a current job. Maybe I’m just a chicken, but I prefer to have some kind of a safety net under me!!!

Good luck no matter what you decide to do!!!

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Do you have a business plan you can share qith us? Having been a small business owner I can tell you that in many ways you have much less freedom and work longer hours.

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@StarFlag We all want more freedom. The question is do you have a solid base to build upon? What do you have in the way of reserves? Have you a nest egg that you can rely on to carry you through until you have an established clientele? Do you have a plan of action or are you just planning on winging it?
I would not recommend leaving a job unless you have some idea as to how you are going to survive.

I quit a job to go into business with a partner in the same field I was working in but we spent three months putting together a plan of action. Where were we going to work? What were we going to do? Where were we going to office? Who could we line up to work for us? What did we need in the way of capital? What banks would finance us or make loans to us? Lots of prep work went into jumping off.

If you are looking to do it at the beginning of next year I recommend you do you homework starting now and have it all lined up beforehand.

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