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Is it just me or does anyone else go crazy when they hear the same Olympic Theme Song for the "gazillionth" time?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 18th, 2008
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Not really because I’m not a big fan of watching the olympics….but I am getting a little annoyed by all the olympics questions on fluther recently…

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Call me crazy, but could it have anything to do with the fact that the Olympics are currently going on? :)

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I am not an olympics fan or watcher of it and yet I had to listen to it all weekend as other members of the family are ‘glued’ to the tv for that! I am tired of hearing it myself.

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There aren’t even words to describe how much I hate and am totally sick of the olypmics.

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I <3 the olympics. I just wish they’d show more of it on tv.

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I have AT&T Uverse cable, and there’s a really cool Olympics feature built in. I can view the medal count, event schedule, etc. It also lets me know which events are on which of the 4 NBC channels at the time. Very neat.

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Is it any worse that the Jeopardy Final Clue tune?

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Don’t think I’ve heard the complete version a single time…..I change channel pretty quickly when it comes on.

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