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Just saved over an original photoshop file by mistake. Anyway to get it back?

Asked by fonziguy (20points) August 18th, 2008

I just edited/cropped an original photoshop file and then went to close it and hit ‘Save’ by mistake, which means I have saved over the original. The document is now closed, which means there’s no history to go back on, but I haven’t closed Photoshop itself since. Is there anyway to get the file back?

I know I know, should have duplicated it/saved as something else. Angry with myself that I made this mistake. You’re a life saver if you have a solution :)

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If you’re on a Mac and running Time Machine, just restore the original from backup.

Otherwise, unless you have it backed up, you’re SOL.

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if you didn’t close the file you can use revert, you can also to to the very top of the history pallet and click on the icon at the top and resave.

If you did close your in PupnTaco land of relying on outside copies.

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Looks like I’m screwed… thanks anyway

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If it were a raw file you could still fix it. If not a raw file… Sorry.

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Well, you could try some of those hard drive recovery software suites. I had some luck with those, only you should use it as soon as possible before new data is written on the sector where your unmodified file was stored.

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Situations like these are exactly why I invested in a hard drive for Time Machine on OS X. Sorry to hear about your problem, I’ve been there before and it sucks.

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