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Is it okay to run Photoshop CS5 on a Macbook?

Asked by lovelybones (6points) May 29th, 2010

My friend is going to let me buy his Photoshop but I’ve heard I can’t or shouldn’t run photoshop on a Macbook. Here are some of my Macbook’s specs. Is it okay to run? Will it affect my computer?

Also i’m not a professional photographer or anything just edit couple of pictures and sometimes make graphics for my blog posts. Just general use.

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You could run it, but it will most likely bog down that computer big time Photoshop can use up alot of memory. With only 1gb of RAM you’re going to be hard pressed for memory and the more intricate you get with file the worse it will be. Maybe if you are just doing photo retouching it would be OK, but once you start creating layers, adding fonts, and that sort of thing that computer is going to get real laggy and freeze up on you. If you are able to add more RAM to it then that’s what I would do.

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@earthduzt Thanks for the answer but will it slow down the computer only when I’m using it? Or just by installing?

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@lovelybones oh, it will only slow it down when you are running it sorry as RAM is being used by programs and processes that are currently open. It will take up hard drive space of course, but that is not a big deal. The productivity will be low do to the laggy and freezing caused by low RAM especially if your files start to be more intricate (more layers, fonts, etc)

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I’m not too sure what the difference between CS4 and CS5 are but..

I use CS4 on my Macbook and it’s fine. It slows it down a little bit, but not too bad. Although when I’m photoshopping I don’t really do anything else (though I do have iTunes, iChat, and usually Safari open). Try it out, it’ll probably be just fine, just don’t have a million things open at once :).

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@chels good call, yeah if you do install and run it, just have the minimum amount of programs running in the background and you should be OK.

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@earthduzt Okay thank you!

@chels Okay :) just curious, what Macbook do you have? I have the 3 year old White glossy one . Also are your specs close to mine?

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@lovelybones I just got my Macbook in January so it’s pretty new. Here are the specs: :)

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I run it on a slower computer but I have more RAM. It works fine. You will be fine.


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Yes, you can. I own a white macbook and installed it last week. It works acceptably (i don’t do any 3D stuff) and i do not notice and unreasonable waiting times. If your nervous before trying i believe you can get a free trial.

Click on “Try” under the large title saying “Adobe Photoshop CS5”

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What do you mean by buying your friend’s Photoshop? Is he selling you his license, and notifying Adobe that s/he’s transferred the serial number to you? If not, and if you’re only getting the disk, you could both be in violation of the law. More importantly, you won’t be a legitimate owner of Photoshop—you won’t qualify for upgrade pricing, and you won’t be able to get support from Adobe.

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If you can upgrade your memory, that might be a good thing to do.

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I have had Photoshop 5 open for a few days, This is with it hidden. It is open just hidden.

It barely uses anything when open and not in use. If you quit it it won’t use anything.

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No problem at all.

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