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Can you help me find an article where it states clearly that Trump is taking the children hostage until he can get his wall?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39123points) June 20th, 2018

I have a friend on FB who doesn’t think the wall has anything to do with separating the kids from their parents (holding them hostage until the wall starts being built.) I’ve read a great many articles where the kids / wall is alluded to but I need something more direct.
Can you help me?

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Interestingly enough, while researching this I came across a video of him telling reporters that it could not be changed by executive order. As soon as this video finished another popped up showing him doing exactly that, signing an executive order halting the separations. Oopsie, wrong again evidently.

Washington Post

Sorry, the link won’t work for me. If it won’t work for you, then google the article byline: “Trump cites as a negotiating tool his policy of separating immigrant children from their parents” and that will bring it up.

Watch the video and then the one that pops up after it.

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