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Do you think lowering of norms of 10k is necessary looking at current condition of Fluther?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) June 23rd, 2018

This question is triggered by a recent question on meta congratulating a jelly for completing 5k which was eventually deleted ( I really don’t know why it was necessary.) If you look at the current no of active participants and daily active threads and compare with Fluther 5 years back don’t you think 5k is also good achievement in itself? Should the norms of 10 k and 20 k etc. be changed to each 5k to appreciate new jellies at earlier stages?

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You are correct up to some point. Although I am new, I felt like answering this question. According to me, these are just numbers and we are here to help. The traffic on this site might have decreased in the recent years, may be that’s why people are finding it difficult to cross 10k mark. This number somewhat signifies the time spent by a Jelly on Fluther since joining. The older the profile and the more active the profile, more will be the cumulative points (larve). It does not necessarily signify quality contribution to Fluther as even a new Jelly would bring some knowledge to share here. So, it should not matter whether the moderators lower the benchmark or not. These are just numbers. Don’t take them too seriously.

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It only came back to me, through your question, that in the olden days of Fluther, we (I can’t really specify who ‘we’ is, but I take it it was a big portion of Jellies) congratulated our 5K members in a personal, private message.
That way, said 5K’er, had a small party after all, be it a private, not public, one, but hey, how nice is it to wake up to an overloaded postbox!
So, I did exactly that today, for the first time in years, I messaged her (she who can’t be named) with my congratz.
Now go and do so as well :-)

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When I noticed a new jelly being bombarded with a public display for doing something that wasn’t accepted by established jellies, I questioned why this wasn’t done through a
PM & was told that PM’ing new jellies is considered rude & the pool needed to know that they had been corrected. So, although I understand what rebbel is saying, I don’t understand the mentality where you publicly flog a new jelly for a mistake & privately congratulate them for working to improve their activity here thereby helping to improve the site.That seems counter productive to me IF you truly want to build the pool back up!!!

Although many see the lurve points as merely a number, those who created the site set it up as an award system & as such, it’s the initial qualifier of how active a new jelly is being. IF this is done via PM, how is the pool to know what has been done??? I don’t know that we need a mansion party for every 5,000 points; but, what would the crime be for publicly acknowledging that a new jelly has worked hard to support Fluther by congratulating them for their time & effort. Then, every 10,000 points might be plenty because the lurve points are only a number & you’re obviously planning to stay & be productive. I know the mansion parties I’ve seen didn’t make the lurve point seem unimportant. I’m still new enough that I do believe that I will be more proud of my 5,000 mark than I will be in 10 years when I reach my 50,000 mark. Maybe I’m wrong & will gladly apologize in 10 years when I’ve found out what it feels like to reach the 50,000 mark!!!

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The achievement of 5,000 is acknowledged publicly at the top of the Community Feed.

The question of whether or not to throw a party doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other – sorry.

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No reason to be sorry, I’m not even shocked. I’ve learned on whom I can depend!!!

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@janbb – It’s not about the party but encouragement the jelly gets when other jellies congratulate him/her on the achievement to give more to the sites.I was surprised to see it bcoz I knew the trend of 10k. But I was surprised more to see it was removed later and I was like what was that? That’s why I posted this question whether mods should change the rule which might have caused the thread to be removed.

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Celebrating lurve scores was never a rule of any kind, just a custom that developed when this was a lively, active community. You can congratulate someone anytime you want. Go ahead and cheer when someone reaches 4242 and see what happens.

Anyway, there’s no more development here.

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@LadyMarissa My remark wasn’t addressed to you but to the OP. No need to get huffed.

@Jeruba addressed the question much better than I did in any case.

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I’m confused here. If that’s not the rule then why the thread congratulating the jelly for 5k was removed? That’s what made me believe so.

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@imrainmaker I think I remember, from the hayday of Fluther, that an argument against 5K parties was that it was relatively easy to get to 5K fast, thus many Jellies reached that number in those days.
That could have lead to multiple parties per week/month.
What the argument against many parties was, I don’t know.
Maybe devaluation?
10K (and 20, and 30, and so on) was much harder to get to, in a speedy fashion, so those were less frequent.

Maybe a mod can chime in (to answer your question)?

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Auggie was one of the well wishers for my 5K. Seven years ago.

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When there were boatloads of members, and everyone reaching milestones regularly, it was decided to only have parties for for the every 10K event, otherwise meta would have been flooded. It became a rule. It’s that simple.

And @janbb, I depend on you! ;-)

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I predict that a mod will soon chime in. ;-o

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[Mod says] As others have said, the milestone parties are restricted so we don’t get flooded with that type of question.

To answer the question of whether we need to change that rule – personally, I don’t think we should. By the time a jelly reaches 5k, chances are they like Fluther for more than the lurve – so I don’t see it being a good incentive for new users.

I strongly believe the only way to improve the state of this lagoon is to ask a bunch of good question, provide some helpful advice, and then tell a friend about the great place you spend your internet time.

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As a follow-up point, Ben and Andrew purposely created awards for the 10K milestones while skipping the 5K one. The parties correspond to the awards.

And back in my day, jellies knew the difference between the mansion, the castle, the island, and the art colony.

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It didn’t take me terribly long to reach 10k.
When I was Jonesn4burgers I left at over 7k, and it didn’t take long then.
The way I feel, 10k is a reachable mark, but the significance would be less if we partied every 5k.
I did get the 5k PMs for both incarnations, and that was special to me as it was. With PMs there is no LURVE, so those who congratulate you privately are genuinely pleased for you.
Still change or no change, neither way would get my panties in a knot.
I do think whatever Fluther goes by should be consistent. Celebrating a member’s devotion should be a community thing, not a popularity contest.

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“Celebrating a member’s devotion should be a community thing, not a popularity contest.”

And that’s why I stopped participating in the parties.

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The most meaningful milestones where I was acknowledged by some were my anniversaries of the date I joined. petethepothead always congratulated me on the anniversary of the date I joined. That was sweet and meaningful to me.

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5k is a cool level to make but cheapening the whole levels thing only makes it cheap and less interesting.
And the whole “lurve” thing is kind of lame anyway when , even though one gives a good answer, people won’t give you the “lurve” you deserve just because they don’t like you and what things you say.
There are some here I don’t care for much but if they give a good answer, I fork over the “lurve.” If everybody did that, the “lurve” score and “lurve” levels would have more meaning, be more accurate, and, for me at least, would have more meaning.

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^ I meant first 5k only and not after every 5k.

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@kritiper, I don’t agree with you on several things, but I find myself lurving you frequently. Like you, if someone makes a good point, or makes a bad point very well, they get lurve from me.

Just wanted you to know sometimes you get the fairness you dish out.

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^^^ I thought that was what you meant. No prob!

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