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I had a great uncle who said a 'flip-flop' was an old slang word for a radio. Has anyone else ever heard this?

Asked by Yellowdog (6139points) June 24th, 2018

I don’t believe my great uncle was right on this one because I never heard it anywhere else and never found any other reference to this. But I have found a few references associating the word(s) flip-flop WITH the word radio. Probably as the name of a broadcast corporation or seller of radios.

My great uncle was born in 1919 and fought during WWII and spoke Danish and Frisian though I’m sure he meant American English slang.

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I never heard of that. I’m 67.

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It is a lie.

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The only thing that I can think of that connects radio to flip-flop is those alarm clock radio’s that have flipping digits to show the time.

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I think I will ask my mother if SHE ever heard my Great Uncle make this claim.

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It’s possible, depending on which circles one might have frequented.
Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th ed., says:
“flip-flop…..3 : a usu. electronic device or a circuit (as in a computer) capable of assuming either of two stable states…”
Now one might assume, possibly, that these “two stable states” might be SEND and RECEIVE or something other…

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I’m 71 and I’ve never heard of this. There are however, many slang terms that are local to a specific area or even town. I wouldn’t write it off just because I haven’t heard it.

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Where I live, “Flip Flops” are a form of footwear. Usually, a sole and a strap that goes between the big toe, and the other toe.

They are very common among “beach” cultures. I prefer sandals (no between the toe stuff,) and wear them often in the Charleston heat….

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There is an answer on Quora that connects radio with flipflops. I guess it was a slang used in radio communication.

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A “flip-flop” on Citizens Band (CB) radio is a trucker slang for doing a U-turn or doing a round trip. (up and back on the road).

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