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What would you like the 60K award to be named?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13737points) June 24th, 2018

Should have a nautical theme.

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I think we should go with sea monsters:

60K – Kraken award
70K – Charybdis award
80K – Leviathan award
90K – Tiamat award
100K – Cthulhu award

We already have a Colossal Squid award, however, so I wouldn’t mind naming the Kraken award after the Loch Ness Monster instead. A Nessie award could be pretty fun.

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Someone has already gotten 60K but I don’t remember what her award was named.

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Marina Trench Award

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@janbb There wasn’t an award, and I can’t remember if it even showed up in the Community Feed. I wrote to Ben about it back then, but I never heard back from him. (To be fair, it was a busy time for him.)

@rebbel I thought about that, but then I thought it might be cool if the marina was where people who hit 60K went (just like they go to the mansion at 10K, the castle at 20K, and so on).

And, of course, it’s actually the Mariana Trench (which I'm sure you know). But aquatic locations do seem like a cool idea for award names.

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@SavoirFaire I know that the Mariana Trench is called the Mariana Trench; my suggestion of the Marina Trench is in honor of (who I believe is) the first and only to get to 60K.

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^^ I got it,

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I was sure you did :-)

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I also got it. Good one.

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Thank you :-)

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@rebbel Yes, that was blindingly obvious. It’s the same reason I suggested “the marina” as the location for 60K people.

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@SavoirFaire Of course it was blindingly obvious that it was blindingly obvious; hence why I suggested it in this thread.
And if it was also blindingly obvious to you, why you felt the need to teach me how the Mariana Trench is called (while it was obvious that I was referring to that)?

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Damn, I am now blind.

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The awards for reaching a certain amount of lurve has names? I don’t know anything about this stuff.

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The “Sixties” Award!

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@JLeslie Not sure how you missed all that, but if you click on your own name and the tabs across the top, the one tab says awards. Click on that tab and it tells what all awards you have. It also mostly tells you what the awards are for. A few are secret.

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@rebbel Okay, this is getting silly. If you knew it was blindingly obvious, then why did you feel the need to point it out to me as if I hadn’t understood? In any case, I mentioned the actual name because the awards are named by someone with a strong penchant for proper spelling.

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Poseidon’s Peak?

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Aqua marine award…

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@SavoirFaire It certainly seemed from your first response to @rebbel that you hadn’t gotten the reference. Otherwise, why the need to point out that it was the Mariana trench? It wasn’t “blindingly obvious” to me that it was blindingly obvious to you! :-)

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I seriously love @mrgrimm888’s answer. I think it’s perfect. And doesn’t Marina have blue eyes?

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I applied for a copyright. You have to Venmo me $5 to even say it. MAGA!

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@janbb Well, I did get it. And I’ve already explained your other question. So I frankly don’t understand why everyone thinks it’s such a big deal.

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@SavoirFaire It isn’t. Sorry.

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The ucme dontcha sounds canny…ish

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Stromatolite Award?

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