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I'm building an Ajax-based website, where do I start?

Asked by jballou (2118points) August 18th, 2008

I’ve got years of experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and Flash actionscripting. I am thus far pretty unfamiliar with Ajax though. Where do I start? I’m looking for primers, tutorials, anything helpful.

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This is where I started when I learned AJAX.

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Mootools is the best javascript framework. It’s very easy to do AJAX requests and simple, cool fx as well. It’s pretty well documented also. and

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I second mootools, I was gonna post it. But you beat me.

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Start by learning Javascript. Ajax is javascript. If you know ActionScript, you should pick it up quickly. Then use the framework of your choice, or none. I’d recommend learning how to roll your own XMLHttpRequest wrappers before using a library, if you really want to learn what’s going on.

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Dudes, mootools is awesome. Thanks for the link. I was trying to wade through Yahoo UI. Ugh.

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A website should never be AJAX based. AJAX should only be used to enhance a website’s functionality. Just a tip. (:

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so,... if i setup motools,... i would have the functionality in my server? its kinda cloudy to me, still… wait,... just link it from the html page? that’s it? c’mon… that easy?? this tutorial is coool, dude! thanks counteragent! i’ll read it from top to bottom

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