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How often do parents at work think about their childlren who are at school, daycare, etc.?

Asked by flo (11233points) July 6th, 2018

Some people said “More or less all the time.” And some said only when I need to go pick them up from somewhere, buying what they want/need to eat, etc. Which is more true about most parents?

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…And some are somewhere are between the two. Which applies to the vast majority of parents?

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I didn’t think about or worry about my kids at school or at day camp unless they had something coming up, like a test or a performance. I knew they were in good hands.

When they were with their mom, I worried about them all the time.

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I think a lot depends on how secure you feel about their daycare or camp. At first one tends to think of them a lot if they are in a new setting but once it is established you don’t think of them as much unless there is a particular issue.

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It is as individual as the people themselves.

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But even in good daycare schools, how about their future, their education, or if l they find the person they love, which person they’re going out with is not the right one for them, ...and on and on.

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Well, I do have other things that require my immediate attention, such as a class rooom of 30 kids, that kind of pushes concerns about who my 5 year old is going to marry, or which college he’s going to go to, into the back ground.

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Very often I think of them and what they are perhaps doing at that moment.

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Yes, some/most or whatever, parents say whatever they do for a living, they do it while they’re thinking (not necessarily actively) without meaning to. There is no such thing as not thinking of their kids, for let’s say an hour straight to them.

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