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Why do people always put YOUR when they mean YOU'RE? Is it that difficult?

Asked by furious_rose (468points) July 7th, 2018

I am not a genius, but I know when to use YOU’RE and when to use YOUR in a sentence. Why does almost everyone get this wrong?

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(Lack of (good)) education, coupled with the fact that they, phonetically, practically sound the same?

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Mostly, these days, it’s a typo, or a fault of predictive text.
Or, people are writing and posting quickly, as if they were speaking aloud, where spelling each word isn’t really feasible.

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I know the difference too. But I’m a sloppy writer. I make a lot of mistakes and don’t always catch them. Perhaps there are other writing slobs out there like me.

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I’m on an iPad. It’s very difficult to type, so I dictate. It writes it perfectly, then changes it up after I hit send, and often I end up saying something I didn’t intend to say at all. It’s soooo irritating! Lots of times I miss the errors.

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I know the difference, but when I type on my phone, as opposed to my computer keyboard, my fat fingers and short reach tend to miss letters and punctuation.

Another one that I mess up on the phone is “of” which my fat fingers type as if.

So it’s mostly typos for me.

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Typos for me as well. And I’m to lazy to use my laptop these days when my phone is always in my pocket and handy. The text is so small though that I don’t always catch typos in time to make corrections. These old eyes ain’t what they used to be.

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Typos,and a lack of caring because I know the Grammar police will call me on it.
I really wish people would care as much about their driving as they do about punctuation errors.

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Because they’re thick as 2 short planks

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