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Should strippers/prostitutes be banned from private religious colleges?

Asked by furious_rose (468points) July 7th, 2018

Most private religious colleges have some sort of “ethical requirements” that they require students to follow (or at least, supposedly adhere to).

For example, a Christian college nearby says that students are only allowed to have sex within the context of marriage, and that sex before marriage is wrong. They also forbid same-sex relationships, and make it clear that they expect the students to be wholesome.

What would happen if a student was already enrolled at the college, and was later “outed” as a practicing homosexual? Would there be any consequences?

I’m curious as to whether the college would have the authority to expel students based on behavior they consider wrong, such as prostitution and stripping.

If you were going to be expelled as a result of your “extracurricular activities,” would you be allowed to stay if you repented?! Should that be an option?

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attending or performing?

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I believe the National Anti-Discrimination Law supersedes any self-conceived rules made by any private religious establishments that go against such law.

In case of prostitution, which might be illegal in some states or countries, banning a convict might be legal under the umbrella of their respective legal law. Banning a convict that has served his/her sentence might be illegal, too, depending on each countries’ respective law.

If I were to be expelled for doing my ‘private business’? I wouldn’t have studied in such a place in the first place. In case I ended up doing that I’ll simply move to a better institution after asking them to transfer my historical grade/scores (they’re obliged to do that whether they’re private-run or government institution). Unless suing them would be more lucrative for me, of course.

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Whether or not the school can do such a thing legally in the USA is dependent upon whether they either are entirely private and get no federal funding or whether they have an exemption to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. If they get no federal funding, the federal law does not apply to them. If they have an exemption for, say, religious reasons, they can limit admissions to only those that meet their standards. If a student was found to be a practicing homosexual they could, legally, be expelled. Ditto that if a prostitute was “working” while being a student, even if prostitution is legal in that state. If this school is in a different country, you would have to look at the laws of that country.

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@furious_rose Should strippers/prostitutes be banned from private religious colleges?

Ecdysiasts should strip themselves of academic robes to this song:

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These “Christians” wouldn’t be good followers of Jesus. He once saved a prostitute from being stoned. Simply said, “Go, and sin no more”.

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@Pinguidchance “Ecdysiasts” Great word! I always learn something here. Thanks!

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@NomoreY_A I think that is where the part about “should they be pardoned if they repent came from. Jesus stood up for many sinners. He basically had the same story for all of them. If you truly repent of your sins and accept me as your way to heaven, then you will be forgiven. Sounds easy…doesn’t translate to practice so well. Still, a heck of a lot easier than meeting the Mosaic Law as set down in the ten commandments.

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Well, I would suggest strippers and prostitutes not apply at said colleges, unless they want to curtail their activities for a few years.

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@seawulf575 – suppose the stripper doesn’t see it as a sin? She could say that she is glorifying god’s creation (her beautiful body) by stripping, and besides it pays the bills.

Is stripping against god\s law? Or against the college rules?

I think that the college would be in the wrong to keep her out. But then, I’m open minded.

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29 And Levi made him a great feast in his house; and there was a large company of tax collectors and others sitting at table with them. 30 And the Pharisees and their scribes murmured against his disciples, saying, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?” 31 And Jesus answered them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick; 32 I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Luke 5:29–32, RSV

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Jesus had no problems with prostitutes. He would welcome them with an open heart. @Jeruba beat me to it.

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But he DID say, “Go and sin no more.

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He also said, Let he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone.

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Yes but he said to stop sinning now.

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(Of course it was only the prostitutes who were sinning, not their clients.)

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@NomoreY_A, he said, “Let him.

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Wasn’t Mary a prostitute? Banning them would seem hypocritical, in a Christian school…

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No prostitutes named Mary in the Bible

No working, swinging prostitutes in Jesus’ inner circle.
And no, no evidence that Mary Magdalen was a prostitute or a former prostitute. The only thing we know about Mary Magdalen was Jesus cast seven demons out of her.

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With all due respect, I have heard from many sources, that Mary was likely a prostitute. I don’t care. But there’s not a “non-story” there. It shouldn’t be offensive, to me. It certainly shouldn’t be denied flat out…

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Sorry, but you have to go with what the Bible or historical evidence states, not just rumors from the Middle Ages.

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I am sorry. I started a different thread, so I don’t drag this one off the rails… The q, is in social, so jellies can have at it…

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Well, to answer the original question, yes, a private Christian college would expel a stripper, prostitute, or practicing homosexual. If it states it in its policies or bulletin then its legal and a sure thing.

The thing about it is, how would a college find out about students’ personal lives? A stripper or prostitute with clients hanging out at the college or working at a strip club in a nearby town might get known, but what students do in their personal lives ought not to be known

Repentence is for churches. A private college is something else, and would likely not admit or tolerate students or applicants in violation of their policies.

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@elbanditoroso in this case, it really doesn’t matter if the stripper sees it as a sin or not. The private college does. And yes, it would be against their rules. That is what the original question was all about.

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@Yellowdog these things have a way of coming out…they always do. It might be that the Dean of the college is a closet perv and saw one of his students dancing on a pole. Of course in my mind he ought to be tossed out of the college on his ear for that as well. But it could be that someone heard about it, saw the girl going into the club, she talked to someone about it…any number of things. Maybe she just always had a huge roll of $1 bills handy. As for homosexuals, maybe someone saw them or maybe they hit on the wrong person. Things just happen.

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The only way they’d accept ‘repentance’ would be if the girl who was a prostitute or stripper entered some kind of support group that helped prostitutes/strippers get on with another life. Maybe a year or so of sobriety and attending a group for women seeking a better way of life.

These places DO have a right to freedom of association. A private college can accept whomever they want based on their religious policies, To violate that would render someone out. If they were a State-sponsored school that’d be different.

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I somehow don’t think prostitution or stripping is like addiction! It’s not like they get anything except money out of it. There is no thrill, no pleasure. It’s just a job.

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This whole premise just pisses me off. We have strippers and prostitutes because there is a demand for them. The men create that demand. But only the women pay the price by being shamed, ridiculed, ostracized.

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When you said ‘they consider wrong” I knew immediately what your problem is : PRIDE
When you go to a college that you picked because of its moral standards it is a violation of contract for that college to allow behavior that you contracted to avoid.

Just as you can get rid of a teacher for posing as teaching Christianity, same too with behavior.

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Again, who are you talking to @LogicHead ?

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