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What is the effective treatment of hypertension?

Asked by angeliag2012 (4points) July 7th, 2018

My blood pressure is 150/100. Is it harmful, what the effective ways to control it?

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Hypertension is a symptom not a disease. Each cause would have different things to do about it. In my experience, doctors have not known the cause of mine, nor have they had effective treatment for it. What worked for me was staying in shape – getting enough exercise, and dealing with stress. Reducing salt intake may also have helped.

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It is harmful without treatment, yes. You should be on a statin to lower it if its running that high consistantly. I’d start a chart and show my doctor asap. Buy a cuff at a pharmacy.

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Pssst @KNOWITALL statins are for cholesterol; hypertension meds would include ACE inhibitors and diuretics to reduce fluids and open up constricted blood vessels.

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Get your doctor’s advice.

There are a number of medically recommended treatments which we, not being your physician, can’t knowledgeably recommend.
@Zaku’s advice makes good, basic, non-medical, sense, and will likely be helpful. Even the doctor(s) that sometimes visit the site are not qualified to recommend treatment without seeing you.
Not even the ones who sound credible.

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See your doctor. On your own, losing weight through increased exercise and watching your diet will help. Also, cutting back on sodium.

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You need a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. There are several medications, sometimes used in combination with appropriate diet and exercise as prescribed by your physician. Untreated high blood pressure is known to damage organs/systems and can cause strokes. (cerebral vascular accidents or CVAs) @marinelife has good advice. First see your doctor! Good luck.

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@Trop Right sorry, always get the two confused.

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So far nothing is working for me. I’ve only lost 5 pounds so far, and eating less salt. Nothing extreme though. I already exercise, I guess I could try cutting back even more salt. Some BP problems aren’t very affected by salt.

Previously, my blood pressure was high when my thyroid was slow, so if you are a thyroid patient you might want to get a blood test. If you aren’t a thyroid patient you still should get your thyroid checked if the BP is a new development. I have a few friends who first found out they were hypothyroid, because one of their symptoms was high blood pressure. That was the case for me too. Once I started taking thyroid medication my blood pressure corrected, and the same with my friends. I was diagnosed 15 years ago.

In the last year my BP is high even when my thyroid is balanced.

I would go to the doctor eventually, and get checked and see what the doctor says. I have a new leak in a heart valve, which my doctor says is likely from high blood pressure over a lot of years off and on. I have other heart things, so I don’t think your doctor will bother with a heart echo unless you have other reasons. I also did a stress test, but I have other risk factors as I said.

I’d definitely want them to do a blood test. CBC for electrolytes, CMP for glucose and calcium, cholesterol, and thyroid as I mentioned. Just for an overall glance at cardiac and circulatory health and risks. The doctor might have different suggestions too, I don’t know your particular situation obviously.

You might need BP medicine.

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Reduce your salt intake for one thing, increase your water consumption and de-stress.
Something that is all natural and super good for stress is frankincense and coconut oil. If you buy a high quality frankincense and the liquid coconut oil and a little vile with a dropper; you mix 1/5 frankincense and 4/5 coconut oil. Then you take out about a nickel size amount and warm it up in your palm with two fingers and rub it in your temple and your neck. I swear it’s better than any anxiety MEDICATION on the market. You can even rub it on the lower outside chamber of your heart. I have arrhythmia problems. It immediately calms my heart, drops my blood pressure… instant CHILL!!

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If it’s hereditary nothing helps, no matter what you do.

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Go to the doctor and get meds. It is easily controlled with meds.

@ZEPHYRA…. that’s not true. Mine is hereditary. When it was first caught it was 228/140 (no I’m not joking.) With meds it’s consistently <125 / 80 (or whatever) and has been for 12 years.

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And yes. Left untreated it can do a great deal of insidious damage.

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Unless you’re in danger of alcoholism, if I were you, I would have 1 or 2 beers a day, every day, after work is done.

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@KNOWITALL was right about collection of data. Having a journal of bp’s would be invaluable for a doctor looking at the op’s case…

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Eat lots of dark green veggies and don’t forget to get your calcium! And exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and get your weight (BMI) down to normal.

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^^I personally am not even sure what do about that. When I eat lots of green veggies, I lose weight, my iron is better (which is great) and I’m sure I’m taking in less salt. But, I have a risk of DVT, and clotting in general, and the greens help with clotting so I’m not sure what to think. I asked my cardiologist if I should take K2 for calcium into the bone and heart health, and she said with my genetic problem with clotting she wouldn’t recommend it.

Again, I’m only talking about for me, and my specific problems.

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80/120 is normal BP.
A cure for hypertension? Not sure. Popping pills will give temporary relief but for longterm, I think you have to learn to control yourself…

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You have it backward @TriciBn. 120 / 80 is good BP. Hypertension is not always due to people abusing their bodies. Mine wasn’t. Mine is due to heredity. And it’s not “popping pills.” I take my meds every morning.

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80 is considered the ceiling for normal now for diastolic. Above 80 is high.

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150/100 is harmful. Go see your doctor.

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