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Does health insurance cover aides coming to your house?

Asked by JLeslie (65401points) July 21st, 2018 from iPhone

After a surgery? I’m specifically interested in the typical private insurance Americans pay for. I know it might cover a nurse coming, but what about an aide who can help with cleaning, cooking, laundry, and even help with children if you have a baby in the house. What if you’re alone, and don’t have anyone who can help you?

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No, not normal insurance. Health aides are covered for a period of time (change dressing, take BP, administer medicines). Housework like cleaning, cooking, etc. – is not covered by normal health insurance.

You can get supplemental (Aflac and such) that will cover other services, but that’s extra.

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Health insurance covers in hospital and doctor costs.
Like @elbanditoroso said there are addition policies to cover those costs, some health policies cover rehab at convalescent homes.

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Like those guys said, it depends entirely on the policy, and is not usually standard. Some companies offer a lot of add-ons (like you describe) for customers for an added fee.

There really is no “typical private insurance” that I have ever seen, it is a graduated system, depending on what you can/are willing to pay.

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I remember Hillary Clinton talking about at home care when her husband was president. Saying it was less expensive than hospital care in many instances and she had trouble understanding if it’s cost effective why such a hard line against it. I doubt she was talking about cooking and cleaning though, I’m not sure how extensive she meant for at home care. Part of the discussion was having to find a place for children to be cared for if the parent is hospitalized.

Medicaid provides at home care including aides. I don’t know if Medicare does.

When I had an IV at home my insurance paid for the nurse to come and set up the IV and come back every 4 days. Lots of patients get follow up nursing care when discharged from a hospital, I’m not sure how typical the coverage is for that.

I’m gojng to ask my sister. She was an at home nurse and did hospital discharges. I don’t know if she knows what insurance the people had and if the insurance paid.

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Medicare does cover some types of home care. A Medicare Advantage plan would probably have more extensive coverage than Medicare. The premiums, if any, are the same as traditional Medicare, but deductibles vary

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