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Who do you want to meet?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) August 19th, 2008

Does anybody else have a list of people they’d like to someday meet?

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I want to meet the TSA GANGSTAZ NSFW

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Thanks for flying “Kanye South West” LOL. But seriously. Let’s say you have an idea to make a video like this. How do you get everybody involved? Are they all just professional actors? It’s great because every person in the video thinks they’re a STAR! Love it.

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Unless the meeting was going to lead to something more, no I really don’t want to meet anybody. I mean, if I could meet Melissa Etheridge and we could take time to talk and that would eventually lead to a kinship, that would be excellent. But to meet her so I can say I met her, nope, not for me.

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Giorgio Armani

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Sueann Tremendous – I guess the meeting is the opportunity and what you do with it is the second question. “What would you do when you meet Melissa Etheridge?”

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My fellow flutherers.

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How about a San Francisco FlutherFest! (only because I know Ben & I live here. )

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@idea: Sure. If we met by accident somewhere, but an organized meet-and-greet so I can say I met here, no way.

Second part: I have no idea what I would do when we met. Hopefully the meeting would be in a comfortable atmosphere that would allow for conversation. I would also hope she wasn’t pressed for time (unlikely). I certainly wouldn’t fawn over her. I’d act as if I was pleased to meet her and acknowledge her accomplishments and she would want to find out about my accomplishments.

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I’d totally show. Of course, it defeats the whole anoymity thing that makes the internet so alluring.

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No. I know too many people already.

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gailcalled – who might want to meet you?

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I have no idea. Michael Phelps?

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My birth parents.

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I think most of us would like to meet Gail.

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@Aug; thanks but I know that some flutherers would run as fast as they could in the opposite direction.

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their loss

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copy augustian, I’d love to meet Gail. She’s fascinating.

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The grammar police. (whom)

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Who wants to meet @gailcalled? – I do!

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Bay Area Fluthers!

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i’d like to meet the person who created facebook…so i could punch him in the face =)

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