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What do you dream of?

Asked by FireMadeFlesh (16563points) April 25th, 2010

I’m not talking about dreams during your sleep here, but dreams of what you would like for the future. What dreams and aspirations do you have, no matter if they are realistic or not? Are you working towards achieving them?

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That both of my girlfriends & I could legally get married.

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I would like my studio to be near the ocean on the outer banks.
I’ll get there ;)

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I have kinda an old school American dream. I want a nice pickup, a house, and a great wife.

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Living near an ocean. I love beaches and oceans.

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@Draconess25 Nice answer, thanks.

@lucillelucillelucille Sounds great! I once visited a distant family member whose backyard was the beach. It was the best place I know of for reflection and artistic thought.

@iam2smart99037 Good one, thanks.

@chyna Thanks! Me too. I would go for a long ocean swim every morning.

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I dream of seeing my parents more often. It is very hard as we are so far apart now, and none of us is getting any younger! Working on getting them to come up to see me soon!

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A seaside house in Bermuda, with my own music studio and a beautiful girl frend to make music with.

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For me and my wife to run away together to a tropical island, the sunny days and steamy tropical nights. We cozy up together in a small wooden house no bigger than two rooms. There is no TV, there is no cell phones. Just the two of us and the white sands and the turquoise blue water. At night we settle into bed together, the only light is the moonlight that pierces through the window silhouetting everything in the room as the beam is softened by the sheer white fabric that hangs and sways gently to the night’s ocean breeze. We lay in silence listening to the waves running up the shore then back down again. We hold each other in our arms and either make love until we tire or fall asleep together, it doesn’t matter.

we will make this dream happen one day

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Electric sheep.

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Having a house in Lincoln, City OR, a shelby in the driveway, a Chris Craft in the marina, and a Phd in astrophysics. I never get tired of saying that.

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@Cruiser I hope you can make it happen.

@Plone3000 Great! Why Bermuda?

@earthduzt Wow, that is a beautiful and vivid dream.

@aprilsimnel Why is that? They would certainly be smarter than their biological cousins…

@py_sue A new or old Shelby?

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To be happy and always able to find something in life to smile about.

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@FireMadeFlesh – I was alluding jokingly to the source story for the movie Blade Runner, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

What I usually dream of is myself doing something and I have to do it alone. Sometimes I dream of blokes I’m attracted to. Every so often I dream of interacting with people I’ve not seen in years and years.

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@FireMadeFlesh Old Shelby

I’ve had the hugest crush on Steve McQueen since I was in high school.

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I met a woman a year and a half ago. As I got to know her, I realized that she was the girl / woman through all the stages of my life that was my waking dream, though I had not met her till now. The first and only woman that I felt totally, irrevocably comfortable with. For the first time in my life I did not care if I ever knew another. No other had allure to me. I wanted to care for her and protect her and nurture her to the point of putting down my own life for her. Her breath was my breath, her pulse was my own heartbeat. Something I had never experienced and never thought I would in this life. Though I did in reality know she had faults, I chose to see her as God sees her, perfect and pure and sweet. In a moment, really, it was just a moment, all came crashing down from her viewpoint. I no longer have any way to be near her, but in dreams, so that is what I do. I dream.

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My short term dream is to be working in hospice care with families and children. In particular using thera-play interventions that help the family nurture attachment and transparency. I am getting there, but school seems like it is taking forever.

Ultimately, I would love to run a wilderness retreat center that offered respite to artists of all mediums. We would also lead wilderness and retreat experiences. Part of our work would involve creating experiences of nurture and support for the struggling, sick of heart, and sick of body, of all ages.

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I dream of not ending up like my father. I love the man, and he doesn’t say anything, but I can tell that he truly hates his life and how it ended up.

I dream of doing what I love to do for a living.

I dream of hope in that the truth will come to the world and we will be set free by it.

I dream of getting my acoustic guitar back home and not having it 1,000 miles away.

I dream of the idea (and possible delusion) that things will get better for me and, well… everyone.

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@aprilsimnel Sorry, that went right over my head! Blade Runner has been on my ‘to watch’ list for years now.

@Typee Thank you for sharing that. I hope you find peace.

@liminal What a great idea! I think I would be a regular customer. There is nothing more relaxing than feeling all your responsibilities are thousands of kilometres away.

@boots Sounds good, thanks.

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I want to travel as much of the world as possible. I don’t want to miss anything. I’m not just talking about Italy and other highly-visited places, I’m also referring to Asia and Africa and lesser-visited places. Traveling is one of my favorite things (if not my favorite thing) to do. I would love to do that traveling with a certain special person.

I also want to live in a house together with a lover and have a family together with him. :)

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@DominicX Travel is great when you have the opportunity. I get to travel again later this year, after which I will have been to four continents (I’m yet to see Europe, Antarctica and North America). I hope you can get to travel all you can.

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I just want to love, and be loved for the rest of my life, I don’t want or need more than that.

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@Sophief Sounds like you’ve got your priorities in order! Thanks for your answer.

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Of getting together with the woman I love, settling down & having a family…. a normal life really.

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@JeffVader Good answer, thank you.

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I’ve pretty much had my dreams fulfilled. About all that’s left is finish my doctoral thesis and be laid to rest next to my beloved Meghan.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land What is the topic (and hypothesis, if that is not letting the cat out of the bag) for your thesis? How far into it are you?

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@FireMadeFlesh The battleship-building race of 1890–1914. Many interesting parallels to the nuclear arms race. That’s why I put the picture of HMS Dreadnought up as an avatar; to remind me to stop fooling around on the internet and get back to my thesis manuscript. I started the research over 30 years ago. If Brian May (formerly of Queen) can do it, so can I. I’ve got about a years work left to do, then defend it.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Wow, another thesis on a topic I know absolutely nothing about! Sounds very interesting. Best of luck with it!

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I dream too much!

I dream that one day something so powerfully strong, so enormous and beautiful will come and take control, give all the animals a voice, inject the weak with strength, discipline the greedy and demand peace and equality for the whole of mankind.

I dream of a better future for my children, one that is theirs and not ridiculed by rules, schedules and appointments, that they have plenty of time to stop and smell the roses, that the fast life does not completely squeeze the free and creative passion from their souls.

I dream I live long enough to sculpt and paint all the ideas stored in my mind.

I dream all day and all night long…....

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