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Why does Russia not suffer from the devastating wildfires that we have here in the US?

Asked by rojo (24156points) July 31st, 2018

Or do we just not hear about them because most of the country is sparsely populated?

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This was the first hit I got when I googled “Russian wildfires.”

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They drop millions of pee-tapes from helicopters to put out the flames.

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Probably the same reason you don’t know about the wildfires in England, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Latvia, Italy or that the adhesive holding the metal tiles in place on the roof of the Science Centre melted, for heaven’s sake (in Glasgow, Scotland).
The media has actually been under a great deal of scrutiny by the scientific community for not reporting the news of the extremely high temperatures and warm conditions and resulting fires all over the Northern Hemisphere this summer. Not sure if it is being reported there but, there is a disruption in the Jet Stream and it’s exacerbating the already steady climb in temperatures and extreme weather events. There have been fewer hurricanes this season in the Atlantic, and it isn’t for want of warm ocean temperatures, but that there is a lack of weather from the Sahara affecting the formation of the storms has changed also, because of the disruption in the Jet Stream. That may change. We have 4 more months of official Atlantic hurricane season to get through. The last time there was this large a change in the Jet Stream was 1976, but, like I said, the effects are more severe now because of the overall average temperature increase.
As for the Russian news, the Russian News Media is all State controlled again, so they only release news they want the rest of the world to know about. Often times, climate scientists learn about large forest fires in Russia from satellite imagery, unless it is causing some disruption in a major city, then news gets out.

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Actually, @ScienceChick I was aware of the fires in Greece and other parts of Europe. Not well informed to be sure but at least knew they were having a similar problem.

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I don’t know what gets reported in other parts of the world, so I mean nothing personal by it. It’s more my general lack of faith in systems of reporting that happen these days.

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Reading about them and the possibility that they are probably magnified in scope and intensity by climate change is sort of what led to the question.
I also read that there is some discussion as to whether the dust from the Sahara has a way of tamping down the formation of hurricanes in the Atlantic. Interesting stuff.

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Yes… There was a recent paper just published about the Sahara sands. The NPR program ‘Science Friday’ did a piece on it last Friday, if you want to search it out and listen or read it. I’ll see if I can find it. A student mentioned it… hang on… here:

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Russia gets them and some years are worse than others. 2010 was particularly bad and made the news headlines here in the UK.

“Russia is still fighting to extinguish nearly 600 wildfires in an emergency that has now claimed 50 lives. Seven regions are under a state of emergency. Russian officials say there are now 589 wildfires raging across 196,000 ha (484,326 acres). More than 160,000 firefighters have been deployed.”

Hope these links work.
Link 1
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