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Can crime reports be falsified to scare away people or to attract tourists?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) August 3rd, 2018

Like unwanted tourists? Or wanted tourists?

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Split the question in two.

Crime reports (specifically reporting IP addresses for so-called illegal downloads) is a commonly reported ‘crime’ by movie companies. The problem is, they’re more often than not wrong in their identifications and they do this sort of fake reporting in order to scare people from downloading. So – yes, crime reports can be falsified.

The second part of the question – to scare away or attract tourists – that’s a whole lot less likely as a motivation. My belief is that most police districts or DAs in most states don’t take kindly to false reports, especially if they have to waste their time investigating.

And it’s sort of a long shot whether it would work in the first place. Before you visit a different province or state, do you check the local crime reports? I don’t.

All in all, not a real smart or effective approach.

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“In other news, a group of beautiful college age women have been forcing oral sex on shoppers at the Sun Coast Mall. Police report these women are targeting middle aged men who have just shopped at the Sharper Image store. A store spokesman reports sales are up 800%”

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Yes, it’s done ALL the time!!!

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I’ll provide a response, when I get back from Sharper Image…

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I believe the most reliable (and legal) way is to omit the information from public instead of falsifying the report so that they won’t be affected by it. It is not your responsibility to show them any crime reports.

Crime reports would have to come from legal and reputable sources, too, for them to become reliable and belivable to the public. Misleading the public with by modifying the real reports with fake information is against the law. The law enforcement department and related organization won’t be happy with that.

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Legal & reputable sources is where the deceit comes in…all in the name of cooperation. Good men do bad things all for their perceived nobility!!!

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^^ That would have to depend on the government. A corrupt and dishonest government will have no qualm doing that but a good one generally won’t do it as losing one’s credibility would also affect voting distribution.

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There are governments, that aren’t corrupt, and dishonest?

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^^ I won’t say that the ones in my country aren’t lol. But I have high hopes and trust for governments in first-world countries, such as US. I don’t think there would 100% honest country with no historical corruption but it simply goes without saying that one country’s government is better than another country’s government, and so on.

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I can agree. No GA though, as you are an unofficial member…

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Haha. It’s alright. I require no such appreciation. I will give you an unofficial GA since it’s just a click anyway. It’s special, since it’s not official.

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Thanks. That might be my first unofficial lurve. Sounds forbidden!...

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