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If an image is saved in WhatsApp images and WhatsApp sent images but not on your phone gallery does that mean the image was not taken using the phone.?

Asked by Bryanbeanwilson (12points) August 4th, 2018

Hi everyone. Bit of a strange one here. I have an image, a selfy to be exact, saved in my files under WhatsApp images and also whatsapp sent images. The image saved in the sent folder is just mirrored. But the image does not show up in my phone gallery. Is it to far fetched to presume that the image was sent via WhatsApp and then deleted only to be sent back via WhatsApp? Also the image in WhatsApp images has no details option. Prehaps a deleted conversation?

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I’m pretty sure if I take the image in WhatsApp it doesn’t save to my photos in my phone.

You probably can save a WhatsApp image to your photo gallery in your phone if you want to.

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Yes I do agree with you on it saving under WhatsApp images, the sent folder though.. what I’m trying to figure out is how it ended up in my WhatsApp images folder. Do you agree that it must have been sent back to me?

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