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Which one of these is better course for 3rd Year B.Com Student: 1. Diploma in Finance & Accounts with GST or 2. Financial Modeling?

Asked by iraghavb (1points) August 8th, 2018

I am 3rd Year B. Com student, looking for FINANCE related courses.
I shortlisted :
1. 6 months course in Accounts &Finance with GST
2. Financial Modeling
Or any suggestions..
Which has a bigger scope…

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I am going to assume you are working towards a Bachelor degree in Communication. What else does “B.Com” mean? If so, you are not communicating well with all these abbrevaitions and jargon.

And what do you mean by GST? Goods and Services Tax?

Before you study Accounts and Finance or Modeling, the best preparation is Basic Accounting. Until you understand a balance sheet and an income statement, the rest is just woindow dressing.

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I get the impression you are on a course that is not in the USA. I’m not sure that anyone here is qualified to help you.

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@iraghavb I’m not 100% sure I understand your options, but I will try to answer your question. Accounting and finance are two major areas of study within commerce, so I suspect that your first option is a course that deals with accounts and finance specifically with regard to GST. If that’s the case, then the financial modeling course probably has a bigger scope. It’s also likely to be more useful for you in your fourth year. So if you have to pick between the two, I would recommend the financial modeling course. It’s something that the commerce professors I know always wish their students were better at.

@zenvelo “B. Com” is Bachelor of Commerce. “Communications” is almost always abbreviated as “Comm.” And yes, “GST” is goods and service tax. Also, you can’t be a third year in commerce without having already taken a course on basic accounting. Most commerce schools require classes on accounting, statistics, and economics before even allowing you to apply (since commerce is rarely a major that can be declared on a school application).

@janbb You might be surprised at how much overlap there is in commerce degrees from country to country, though it makes more sense when you consider how much of modern commerce is international.

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