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Which are the best TV shows to learn business?

Asked by Pallavi (11points) August 10th, 2018

I want to know if there are any TV shows exist from which I can learn anything related to business like investing, start up, entropenorial quallities etc…

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I’m sure there are videos on You Tube that are instructive. I don’t know of any television shows but watching news shows Like Washington Week in Review could make you aware of general trends.

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“The Profit” is my favorite business show.

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The Ferengi episodes of Star Trek Deep Space 9.

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I haven’t seen any TV shows that would remotely teach you any real knowledge about business. I’d suggest you do some research on YouTube about the specific subject you’re interested in learning. You also need to be careful on YT because some of those willing to instruct you on how to do what you want to learn are just after your money or your info. I’ve picked up a lot of useful info off YT without giving them any money & nothing more than a throwaway email addy.

I also have success by using my library card & checking out instructional books on my given subject. I mentioned to my librarian that I was hoping to find a “free” course in the process of my research & she gave me some info on a FREE course being offered by our local library. I only needed to attend 2 nights a week, 3 hours each, & it lasted 8 weeks. After that there were a group of mentors who get together monthly at a local Starbucks to help you with furthering your work. Hands on is the best way to learn. Plus, these people also know the best local businesses willing to hire newbies in the business. It saves them money because we don’t have high dollar experience & it gives them employees with “new” ideas. My point…think “outside the box” when you want to learn something new because you never know what opportunities you might find!!!

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Well, television shows aren’t really a good learning source. They rely too much on fiction to keep people entertained. I’d go with online resources.

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“The Office” is about as close to rea life business as I have ever seen.

Or watch the movie “Working Girl” with Melanie Griffith.

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