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What do you think of Movable Type Pro?

Asked by do_re_mi (30points) August 19th, 2008

Movable Type 4.2 looks great, with movable type pro they’ve integrated blogging, forums & social networking. All in one.
Many sites are starting to do this, bringing together social networking & blogging. Wordpress are going to have a twitter like feature called “buddy press”.
I think Movable Type pro wins hands down for now because of the communities, forums and other features for techies to enjoy. I’m not a techie but I love it!
What do you think? Anything better?

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Whatever suits you best is the answer, however I’d probably go with wordpress (or tumblr which I’m trying right now). I’ve never used moveable type and far be it from ‘trends’ to dictate quality, but it seems to have decreased drastically in popularity over the years.

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Obviously, I“m a little biased since I work with the MT team, but the response we’ve seen to MT Pro is fantastic! As Phillyzero notes, there may well be fewer conversations about MT, but a large part of that is because we use different names for our hosted and installed products (TypePad and Movable Type) instead of the same name for both. And more importantly, people aren’t chatting about MT—they’re busy using it to make cool sites from the Washington Post to the Huffington Post to (my most recent favorite) AMC TV’s site for Mad Men.

The cool thing is, regular people can use these tools now, too. That’s really the way to judge this stuff—what does it let you do? Right now there’s nothing out there that can do all the things MT Pro does, without having to be a techie and hunt down all kinds of different code and plugins and other bits and pieces. We’d rather see folks just creating great communities, and it seems like that’s what people are already doing with the new version of Movable Type.

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@ phillyzero
I love wordpress & have 2 blogs there. I’ve always preferred wordpress to any other blog & cannot wait for their new buddypress.
I’ve actually never used movable type but movable type pro’s worth checking out, which surprized me!

Rarely do I get excited about any website. I’m not a techie but I like mtpro. Mainly because of what I can do. The possibilities are truly endless. It’s like building your own social networking site with forums, blogs and communities. The fact that normal people like me can use it for projects or fun is fab.

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