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What are some examples of illegitimate lawsuits other than the following?

Asked by flo (13313points) August 13th, 2018

Edited to add last paragraph.
The 3rd paragraph:
Let’s start with a timely illegitimate lawsuit. As you may or may not know, the star player on the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose, has been out of commission for a year with an ACL injury. In April of this year, after roughly 12 months without Rose in uniform during a game, a Bulls fan filed a lawsuit against Rose for displaying negligent behavior by not getting back onto the basketball court.” .....The 25-year-old man who filed the lawsuit said that Rose’s “negligent” absence has caused the lawsuit-filer mental and emotional distress, culminating in multiple mental breakdowns and leading to incredible weight gain.”….

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…I mean “Edited to add last sentence.”

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I tell you, I battle frequently with myself over a desire to file suit against attorney ads.

I used talcum powder for decades. Last winter I faced testing and surgery over worries of ovarian cancer.
Those stupid commercials about cancer lawsuits caused me constant stress.
I was in the Navy, worked constantly around fiberglass and fiberglass particles.
Mesothelioma commercials.
On the one hand, suing them over their causing me anxiety seems just as legitimate as what they advertise about with their services. On the other hand, it seems like finding a way to spank somebody.

Could someone please tip me off my fence?

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