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What would the world be like if useless filler was removed from everything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) August 13th, 2018

What is an example of useless filler in your life?
From books to food to school. Humor and legit answers welcome.

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Breakfast cereals with no raisins? FANTASTIC!
Years ago there was a breakfast cereal that came in four types. Three of them had raisins!!

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Everything would happen at once, and all in the same place.

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@Jeruba I think you just explained my life , in university and beyond. Too much life happening all at once.

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Sort of like a Big Bang, is what I was thinking. And sometimes my life seems like that too.

I was also half-remembering this quote, which I had to look up: “Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening all at once.”

My remark was meant facetiously, but if it gives you a useful idea, so much the better.

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I like that quote.

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I like books, food and school. I don’t find them useless filler at all. Sometimes I find the need for sleep annoying. I think travel time is really annoying. Housework and fighting entropy around one’s home is super annoying.

@Jeruba that quote is from a short story by Ray Cummings called ‘The Time Professor’ Actually it is entropy that is considered the ‘Arrow of Time’. Our ice cubes are melting in our drinks, never to be the same again.

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Soaps, especially laundry soaps have a lot of filler to force consumers to use more. Without it, soap sales would drop significantly.

The news uses humor, food segments, and other distractions to entice viewers.

Breasts, nowadays many have silicone fillers, because duh.

Did you know lots of foods use wood fibers as fillers? It is true.

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@Patty_Melt It’s not wood. It’s cellulose, generally from bamboo. (which is a grass) But if you eat a carrot, you are eating cellulose. It’s the basic plant cell. There is nothing inherently wrong about it, but if you think you are getting 100% and it’s loads cheaper than the others on the shelf, look for the filler. It will be palm oil, or just listed at vegetable fat. Also, those cheap meat balls might also have cellulose from bamboo, so if you think you are buying 100% meatballs, look at the packaging. There is always some sort of filler in meatballs, but they have to list the % of meat. Same with fish pudding or fish cakes or fish fingers. They bulk those out with tapioca or some other cheap starch. Keep an eye on the % of fish in the product and buy one that tastes good to you. Nothing wrong with those fillers. They won’t hurt you, but, perhaps, it isn’t as good a source of protein you thought you were getting.

As far as soaps go, I think you are referring to detergents. Technically, a bit different. You don’t want to shower with a 100% surfactant. (like SLS) You’d strip your skin dry and probably develop nasty skin conditions. So, they fill those with bulking agents like propylene glycol, water, actual saponified and unsaponified fats (which are true soaps and oils) and pH stabilisers like citric acid. There are some really shit laundry detergents on the market, but you can usually rely on consumer reports to find a reliable one that works for your machine, the temperature you like to wash your clothes in, and the type of water you have. I’d never use powdered if I had hard water. You need to use less if you have a soft water tank because rinsing cycles aren’t as effective. Everytime I’ve moved I’ve had to change how I do my clothes because what seemed to work in one machine and one type water didn’t in the new place. I discovered laundry boosters in the 90’s as well that contain sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate. It takes the cleaning and laundry game up a notch.

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Well. We’ve hot a cultural difference here. Fish pudding? I love fish, of most varieties. My understanding of “pudding,” must be different.

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With all fillers gone, 45s would have a song on only one side.

Soap operas would only be on fridays and mondays.

Vitamins would be only the size of saccharine tablets.

There would be no three ring binders, only spiral notebooks.

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If I’m ever in Scandinavia, I’ll make sure I get drunk enough to try it.
I’m sure my viking ancestors liked it.

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First had it at Calvary Episcopal Church’s Waffle House in Memphis during the Lenten lecture series they’ve been doing for about 100 years.

You won’t need to be drunk. Its a mild, elegant concoction. What I had only compares to a spinach souffle casserole—not even that, really. Could taste the fish but it was a mild, delicate flavor, Tried it from Scandinavian cookbooks but what I got at the Waffle House series was much better than anything I could make,

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Or, you could just put sardines and Jell-o instant pudding mix in a blender,

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Not in MY blender you don’t!

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