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How many autistic people do you know?

Asked by ScienceChick (3648points) September 7th, 2018

How do you know them? What is your interaction with them like?

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Three (two of which have told me their diagnosys themselves, the third’s as told to me by his parents).
I know them through two of my volunteer jobs.
The son I only saw a couple of times and he was ‘difficult’ to communicate with.
I felt we accomplished more on an emotional level, weirdly enough(?).
The other two persons are both adults.
With the guy I can communicate almost ‘normally’; we relate.
With the gal it is a bit harder; we understand each other, again, better on an emotional level (at least I do).

Then there are some who claim to be autistic (with varying levels of severity), and there are that I diagnosed myself (hardly evidence based).

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I know four people on the Spectrum. One I went to high school with, he is able to function in society, excellent photographer made a living shooting pictures of nature. Two others are the youngest son and grand daughter (from oldest daughter) son can hold a job and the grand daughter needs help to function. The fourth was many years ago and I’ve not had contact since then.

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@Tropical_Willie interesting you mention that he was an excellent photographer and that he connected with nature. My experience is that the kids I know have an amazing visual and drawing ability. ASCUS is an amazing portal to bring some of these brilliant artists together with the science world.

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I’ve had people (who were professionals, but I’ve never been tested) tell me they thought I was “on the spectrum”. I’ve got an enormous book on the history of autism (NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity). I read it cover to cover, but trying to find myself in all that is impossible. I don’t think I am.

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I know a few, from all over the spectrum.

My godson’s brother is severely autistic, and will have to live on a special ranch all his life. A couple I know have a son who just turned 19, and won’t ever be able to live on his own.

My son had a boy in his scout troop who was high functioning and pretty much main streamed. He earned his Eagle Rank.

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Two or three.

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Two, or as they would put it…“one plus one or 4 minus two etc…etc…”

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You know there’s the old saying…if you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person.

I know a lot of autistic people, but I’m not sure how to answer this question exactly?

While a lot of them may be gifted, I am wary of perpetuating the stereotype of the autistic savant.

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