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Please explain your avatar.

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) August 19th, 2008

Most are too small to see! Are they a picture of you, or someone/thing you love…

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strat, did you know there’s a way to look at the full-size image that the avatar is thumbnailed from?

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I don’t even know what mine is. A cell maybe?

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@ aaronou
This might help

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mine is me doing “peace”

lefteh's avatar

It is my face.

kristianbrodie's avatar

Mine is a very grumpy, very wet cat. I certainly don’t intend it to condo e animal cruelty, but I found it on the web and it made me laugh.

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Thanks Harp. Now I know I am a jellyfish.

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It’s my picture.

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Uber, until I saw your avatar up close, I thought it was McGruff the Crime Dog. I sure do miss EJ, have they come out with it for Xbox?

El_Cadejo's avatar

Not yet. But i just read an article recently that stated they got the original team back together and there is plans to bring back the cartoon, make a new game, and possibly even a movie. ^_^

2late2be's avatar

My beautiful baby boy named Yahel, you can see him very clear I think..!

cak's avatar

I generally shy away from posting my children or me (and my husband says NO!) so I had to find something I liked. I love giraffes – I just like them a lot! I’ve had one with a tiara (love her!) and one that (not on this site!) bobs up and down and wiggles his eyebrow. That one is my favorite, I had some people tell me their children really enjoyed it – being a mom, I love that!!

@2late2be…what a beautiful child!!! GREAT smile!!!! :)

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peedub's avatar

The title is called Frizzer in the Skillet.

skfinkel's avatar

a lovely green jellyfish.

2late2be's avatar

thank you cak!!!

whatthefluther's avatar

Pegasus in flight

cyndyh's avatar

Mine is me with a group of my friends. We were all getting juiced that night. I’m the one on Larry Lemon’s shoulders.

damien's avatar

abstract close-up of a doorknob

shrubbery's avatar

My friend and I decided to scan our faces. Don’t ask me why.

Lightlyseared's avatar

smilely face at a BBQ.

benseven's avatar

my logo.

That site’s a little out of date but you get the idea.

Magnus's avatar

Loading… Loading…

jca's avatar

i picked the kitten because i like cats.

Sloane2024's avatar

mine is a picture of my boyfriend and me at his senior prom back in April.

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Mine is my dear kitty Elizabeth. (Better known as “Weezbeff” because she wheezed a little when I got her. Upper Respiratory Infection.) Sadly, she is no longer with us, but I love the picture.

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Mine is a close-up of a beautiful tufted titmouse.

trumi's avatar

Paris Street;Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte

bridold's avatar

It’s me!

Mr_M's avatar

Picture of me taken a few years back. People tell me it makes me look younger.

marinelife's avatar

I wanted my very own jellyfish image that was unique—like me.

wildflower's avatar

@Marina: you really should consider getting yourself one of these

marinelife's avatar

@wild Those are great! Maybe Fluther should talk to them about private labeling them and selling along with the Ts. Light to Fluther by . . .

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Mine is my cat, Gwendolyn, in front of shelves of books. Gwendolyn is one of my five cats, all tabbies. I also have a great dog!

As for the books, these are some of many that I use every day in my work.

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I’m Koolaid guy. I choose it for it’s old school kitch.

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Mine is a saying from Firefly.

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@Bri kitsch (ridiculous number of consonants, isn’t it?)

Bri_L's avatar

@marina Holy moly! What you read was my 3rd try and the right way was none of them. hehe. thanks!

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This question is gonna get really confusing when people change their avatars. My previous post could still apply :P

aeterna's avatar

nautical start. symbolizing trying to find my way in life.

El_Cadejo's avatar

Fear not citizen! I, MUSCULAR BEAVER!!!! Will save you!!!

aeterna's avatar

angry beavers is the best.

FrancisRude's avatar

i dont know, when i signed up, it just gave me this weird jellyfish thing. :)

Bri_L's avatar

@ angry beavers was the name of a friend of mines all girl softball team the had t-shirts and everything with a cartoon animal wearing a hat etc.

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uhm. Me. As a jellyfish.

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