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What's your vocation?

Asked by aaronou (735points) August 19th, 2008

Just reading a recent post that was responded to by our very own Dr. Shilolo got me wondering what type of makeup we have on fluther. I just thought it would be interesting to see how well rounded the fluther community is within the working world. Perhaps if we know what specialties are represented, then all the more shall we know who to ask specific questions to. So, what’s your job? or are you a student?

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To begin, I work part-time at a running store, while I am working on a 96 hour masters in religion (hopefully the PHD will be a possiblity after this).

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Pre-med student. Start medical school next year.

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Pre-law student. =)

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Doctor? Who me? Nah. I just slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Pilot in training.

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I work for a film company in London.

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Wine salesman, sommelier, and next month—wine bar owner.

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Accountant.. Boring to most buy ehh of keeps me in the lifestyle I’ve grown accustomed to..

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student at bard college.

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Steel Mill worker

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freight fowarding/global logistics.
I describe, you have travel agents for people, we are the travel agents for physical goods.

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Work in retail and student, studying to be an elementary school teacher :)

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Homeschool Mom!

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Was: Business Manager for a large corporation.
Now: disabled/retired

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Freelance Web Developer

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nurse. Ex futures trader.

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Customer Support Manager + part-time student

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Financial analyst in a past life/10 years as a stay-at-home mom/student (studying to be a high school math teacher)

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reference librarian at a community college, also develope and teach literature courses for their non-credit division

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A-level student, aspiring to begin a degree in nuclear engineering next year.

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work for the local government in child protection.

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Full time student with a weekend retail job in an “electronics” store.

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Firefighter /EMTand University Insructor part time. Gotta make ends meet so thats why I teach.I figure that I can’t let all the money I spent in school go to waste.

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stay at home wife and mother who homeschools, notary public

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A fire fighter eh gooch? Good on you, I admire the bravery of fire fighters, they do stuff I’d never do (I was about to say ‘never dream of doing’ but that’s a lie, I do dream of stuff like that…)

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I’m a software developer.

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student at a residential math and science high school

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Accountant – Business Management student, I work for a Diplomatic Mission in the cultural section, after having a 6 years affair in the finance section…
Where is your wine bar!!!!

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I work in military aviation. Navigation, to be precise.

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Graphic Design
Video and Animation Effects, editing

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Call Center/Dispatcher for ***giant laboratory testing company***

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I’m in the cubicle next to poof’s, and do basically the same thing she does. One added duty is to keep her from jumping on the smarsh.

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@flameboi: Brooklyn, New York

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Don’t cross me, I’m a postal worker. Actually, I’m the one who keeps misdelivering your mail. Don’t like it? Tough s***. Just try and find somebody else to deliver your mail. We have the monopoly! Bwaahahahahaaa!

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I’m planning to take a few weeks off by the end of October, if I have the time to hit NYC, I’ll stop by to crush a glass of Burgundy Puligny Montrachet :)

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@ astroChuck – boy, my uncle is a postal worker. you guys get worked!!! At least in milwaukee. 6 days on. 1 day off.

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@AstroChuck—You already reminded me SO MUCH of my dad, and now I find out you’re in the same line of work. Weird!

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@AstroChuck , you have such a good sense of humor for one who works so hard!!

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Works hard, or hardly works?

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ha ha!! You tell me!!

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I am the old-lady, retired, know-it-all (or mostly) here.

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Grad student in Cognitive Neuroscience (Ph.D. program).

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@poofandmook and scamp: Quest Diagnostics?

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Freelance personal assistant – people pay me to organize their lives. I love it!

Part-time stage manager too, but that part is less and less as I remember how nice it is to have a life outside of work… =)

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Former Admin/Accounting person (office management, whoo-hoo!).
Currently a stay at home mom (for the last 13 years).
Soon to be (I hope) a freelance writer and designer (of furniture, decorative accents and the like).

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CNC laser operator. Basically I use a high powered laser to cut parts out of a large metal sheet. The parts can be anything from bus/car parts to shelf supports. It all depends on what the customer wants.

It sounds much fancier, more rewarding and more high tech than it really is. In all honesty, I’m just a 21 year old factory worker.

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Music Producer/Songwriter/Singer.
I’m also a student studying business and entertainment management.

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@GoS: LabCorp

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Designer – multiple design fields spanning from sustainability and print design to the mundane web design work for blogs and other useless trendy things.

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Freelance director/choreographer, actress/dancer, teacher.
And I see my tai chi sifu and I think… you know, i wouldn’t mind just doing tai chi from morning to night….

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looking for one

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Electrical engineer, currently a homemaker for the past 5 years, looking to re-enter the work force.

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@ cyndyh – well as you venture out, remember, no matter how successful you become, stay well grounded. Get it. Electrical engineer.

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Yeah, Bri, I just want to realize my potential and get a charge out of my career. :^>

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Oh lawdy **facepalm** hehe

What do you do as part of your job cyndyh? I’m planning on doing a degree in nuclear engineering, but if I don’t get into that (which I so do hope I do) electrical or electronic engineering will be my second/third/etc choices. They both look interesting but cover different things ¬.¬

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Hi, Skyrail. I remember seeing this last weekend, and I wanted to write a bit about it. After a busy week I’m just going back through older stuff to get caught up. Sorry this took so long. But to answer your question…

I’m currently looking for work. I’ve been at home taking care of a house for almost five years now. As for what I have done I’ve done some research involving microwave circuits, chip packaging, and antenna design. It involved a lot of paper design, computer simulating and modeling in various ways, and then verifying results with selective prototyping and testing. I’ve also spent a lot of time as a teaching assistant, managing projects with groups of students, running demos of new tools and lab techniques, and mentoring undergrads. Unfortunately a lot of it was rather specific and years ago.

So there are a lot of things I’m quite capable of doing, qualified to do, and would be really happy doing. The trick is convincing someone who’s hiring of that after I’ve been away from the workforce for so long.

Electrical engineering is really broad these days. You’ll find EEs doing all sorts of things, from R&D designing large power systems to small chips to software tools, sales, support, testing, manufacturing systems, and that’s not an exhaustive list by any means. It is a really wonderful field of study with a lot there to love.

I’d be happy to talk about this more with you if you want. Have you picked a school? Are you at a school and waiting to see if you make the cut in the specific program? How far along in your education are you?


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Bri L is my doctor.

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Damn straight! ;-)

Don’t be late for your next apt our you’ll pay!

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What kind of doctor? Why do I think there’s a punchline coming? :^>

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Doctor Vinney Boom Bas. That’ll date me.

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I don’t get it. Does that date me?

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That was the doctor that Rodney Dangerfield refered to.

( I spelled it wrong, Dr. Vinny Boombotz)

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Ah, I didn’t remember that the doctor had that specific name.

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K-12 visual art instructor

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BriL is one of those doctors that makes you suffer. ouch.

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Hey, we all have to learn. thanks for letting me practice. get it. practice.

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practice makes perfect.

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I’m a graduate student and a teaching/research assistant.

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