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Who was your role model while growing up?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) September 9th, 2018

Do you think it helps to have one or it doesn’t make any difference?

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Mister Rogers.

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I don’t think I ever thought in terms of role models.

I didn’t think in terms of many things that seem very common to a lot of people. I’m not sure why. I never thought in terms of making my parents proud, or admiring one particular person to follow in their footsteps, or fitting in to a particular group.

In retrospect I guess I looked up to my aunt’s beauty and style, and I respected some of the accomplishments of some adults I knew, but mostly I took a lot for granted I think. Just floated through my childhood and adolescents without much determination or aspirations. I believed I could be whatever I wanted to be if I was willing to do the work. Mostly, I didn’t want to do much work and I didn’t really have many goals.

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My dad and my mom, for setting an example of having a wide range of interests and diverse friends.

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I had quite a few adults I respected or admired and appreciated and valued in various ways, but no one “role model” per se, I don’t think. But perhaps instead I had many, and picked and chose from among the things they modeled.

Many aspects of my parents. Some aspects of my grandparents. Some aspects of some of my teachers.

I was encouraged to be myself and make my own choices by many of those people, and to reject overbearing adults that wanted me to fit their images and ideas.

And some aspects of some actors or roles: Gene Wilder, John Wayne, James Bond, Batman, Han Solo, Cary Grant, Peter Sellers, Alec Guinness, Captain Kirk, Speed Racer, Walter Cronkite, Gandalf, Thorin, John Steed & Emma Peel. ...

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I had 2 role models. One was my Mom & the other was her sister. My Mom taught me patience & how to at least like those you find difficult to love. Her sister was a firecracker who took NO crap off anyone. So, I blended the 2 & became a lady who looks for the best in everyone & takes NO crap when I can’t find it!!!

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My Dad, my Mom and Gilligan.

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Yes it does make a difference. It was my mom and my dad. My mom because she was the toughest person I have ever known who no matter her bluster would always do what she could to help family. Even when she was pissed off at you. My dad for his continued faith in God and mankind no matter what. Even when he was diagnosed with hepatitis that would kill him in a few years and he got it from a blood transfusion. This was early 60’s when they didn’t really screen blood. He never let it get him down and he worked hard till the last year of his life. He never asked why it happened. He just always moved forward and enjoyed every free moment and healthy moment he had. He taught me to always look ahead, even when it looks dire. You can’t always fix everything but looking back fixes nothing and only steals today. He use to always say there is no use in worrying about dying. We are all going to die. Not a day sooner or a day later then we are meant too. So might as well enjoy today.

He believed that we all have to make room for the next person. And that person will make room for the next. He grew up on a farm, so I suppose between his faith and seeing animals slaughtered for people to eat and survive is all just the way life is designed to be. Very practical actually.

When I let life get to complicated in my head, I will occasionally remember that life is just too short to worry about everything. So enjoy today.

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I used to watch “Tales of Wells Fargo” with my father. He was a great fan/admirer of Dale Robertson and I was too. We may not have had much in those days but we had our ideals.

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Roger Ebert and Charles M. Schulz

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It was my grandfather! I was a problem child during puberty and I was on bad terms with everyone, especially with my dad at that time. Fortunately, he knew how to talk to me and he helped me control my anger. I`ll always remember him!

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