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Can you please send me a message?

Asked by rojo (24064points) September 23rd, 2018

Because I need a more purpose in my life I have decided to try to achieve the Whale-song award. I need fifty messages. Since there are about 25 active users, I would appreciate it if each of you would send me two messages. Can you please help?


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Yes, here they come.

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I’d be honored!

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See if you can get more than one whale song! I’m partial to Jingle Bells. ;D

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Good thing Ben isn’t around. You aren’t supposed to publicly tell how to get awards. ;)

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A huge thanks to all who have messaged me so far! Such a great response. Only 31 to go!

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Only a few of the awards are secret. This is not one of them.

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My pleasure.

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Why not be a bit more subtle about it. I reply to all messages I receive.

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Thanks to all who participated. It looks like it happened.

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So are we no longer needed?

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Oh, no @ZEPHYRA I need you guys! You lighten my days.

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Even us crazy Canucks??

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@SQUEEKY2 For sure eh?

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