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What does Hava Nagila mean?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) August 20th, 2008

I like that song

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The song only has meaning if you dance while singing; “Hora”: (verbal explaination)\ (visual)

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don’t know, I know it’s something of Jewish peoples though.

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@seVen; Don’t guess. If you don’t know, mum’s the word. It is not something of Jewish people, however, but a catchy Hebrew song that many Jews and non-Jews dance to at weddings and other joyous occasions – like ninth-grade Saturday School Youth Group..

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Thanks gailcalled! nice vid :)

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@Wilhel:I hope that you can leap around the street without upsetting any Norwegians.

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I thought it was one of Harry Potter’s spells ah ah ah

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@Gail. Here is a more upbeat version. Some might consider it blasphemy to turn this into a club song, but not me :-) Then again, I’ve also been a fan of Phish’s version of Avenu Malkenu (fastforward to 4:15 in this video).

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I think I just died a little watching that first video. Those English lyrics were the worst ever. 3:47 of my life.. ka-put.

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I am sorry but the definitive performance of Hava Nagila has to be this one:

It begins at 2:22 on the clip and runs for about 3 1/2 minutes. Watch the entire segment



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@SRM: Ridiculous but funny. I recognized a young and handsome Gregory Peck and ditto Tony Curtis and some other familiar faces.

And I did enjoy Shilolo’s Hava and Avenu…

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Haha that’s great! what movie is that from?

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I am trying to remember. Perhaps Twelve O’Clock High- a movie about WWII – no time for research now…too much to do. (Why am I sitting here?)

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Captain Newman MD.

Gregory Peck, Angie Dickinson, the great Vito Scotti

and two boys from Da Bronx, Bernie Schwartz and Walden Robert Cassotto, (Tony Curtis and Bobby Darin)..


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She was Angie Dickinson? I didn’t recognize her. Bernie was best in Some Like it Hot, as SRM and I have decreed agreed.

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Hava Nagila means “A revelation has come” in Hebrew. (I’m Jewish, I should know.)

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