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What are some things that you say, or hear, these days that would not have made sense 30 years ago?

Asked by Kardamom (30519points) October 10th, 2018 from iPhone

I’m talking about things such as saying hashtag whatever, or bae, or Donald Trump is President. Things that wouldn’t make any sense to a person from 30 years ago, if they got transported into our current time.

Try to have some fun with this. This wasn’t meant to be political, but topics about politics are OK.

One of my friends posed this Q on Facebook yesterday and we had a lot of fun with it.

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Here’s one:

“Bill Cosby is in prison.”

Myself from 30 years ago would be shocked and wouldn’t believe it, because Bill Cosby is the beloved All American Dad.

Another would be, “Can you DVR that movie on Netflix for me?”

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Alice: “Hey, you should call your mom.”
Bob in 1988: “I can’t remember her number. I have to get the phone book.”
Bob in 2018: <pulls phone out of his pocket>

Alice: “Hey, what time is it?”
Bob in 1988: <looks at his wrist>
Bob in 2018: <pulls phone out of his pocket>

Alice: “Bob, look, I’m naked, have your way!”
Bob in 1988: <does not hesitate>
Bob in 2018: <wastes precious time deliberating over what to pull out of his pocket>

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Snake? Snake! Snaaaaaaaake!!!

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I have a tiny, handheld device – it literally fits in my pocket – with instant access to all the world’s knowledge. That same gadget is also a telephone without any cords or wires.

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Prince is dead, Bowie is dead, Michael Jackson is dead.

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We joined and became jellies.

There are 8 known planets in our solar system.

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Porn starring red blood cells.

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I’ll add you to my friend list/ I blocked him / her on FB.

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We are in touch through social media site only.

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“The president tweeted.”
“I’ll text you.”
“She took a picture with her phone.”
“I looked it up online.”
“You can Google it.”
“He’s a victim of cyberbullying.”
“I’m calling from outside your house.”
All txtspeak: brb, cul8r, tyvm, omw, etc., etc. Not to mention :) and ;D and all the rest.

And—a whole lot of otherwise normal-sounding words with “e” or “i” in front of them.

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Text me that picture.

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Hello Google..!!

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Jaydon: Do you know if there’s a place that sells organic kombucha around here?

Bella: Let me check Waze.

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Is this gluten free?

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Do you have an extra USB cord?

I need to dump these 450 photos off of my phone into Flickr.

Omg! They don’t have any wifi here.

Let me check my messenger bag. WTF! I think I left it in the Uber.

I think I’ve had enough of this pumpkin IPA, it was a little too hoppy. Wanna go back to my place to watch Netflix and chill?

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Just Google it !

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“President Donald Trump…”

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“I paid my expenses/book my ticket online”

“Let’s just navigate our way with Google Map”

“Just get your parking ticket from the machine”

“Time for video chatting”

“It’s easy to see the thief. Just check the cctv camera recordings”

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“You should have seen Grandpa twerking at the wedding reception.”

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I’ll fandango for the movie tickets, and you guys can Venmo me.

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Live streaming
Hybrid cars
What states are weed legal?
Professor Snape is super hot.
I left a disc in my Xbox.
My pix fill up three 16gb flashdrives.
Electronic submissions only
I got them on eBay.
I started a minions channel on YouTube.

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We have staff for that
Daddy only made his first million in 85 so staff woulda been, well…a bit crass actually.

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I know we haven’t spoken or contacted each other in months, but I’m glad to see you’re doing well. (Typing while looking at their Facebook photos.)

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You’re the shit!
-someone from the 80’s would believe this to be a criticism

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As a woman: saying my wife.
As a man: saying my husband.
I’m going to the weed store.
Jerry Brown is the Governor of California, again.

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I have WIFI
I am online, text me later.
I have a KOBO from my library.
Do you have a FITBIT?
Have you a drone?
I paid my bills from my acct online direct payment.
I have my wages Direct payment to my acct.
I have internet and TV cable service with lots of channels
I have a 65 inch TV screen only ½ inch wide
I have security cameras all over my property
I can listen to POD Casts of numerous topics
Microsoft word perfect has upgraded
I have editing photo software.
I can download a program instead of purchasing it from a store.
I can upload photograph files to the i cloud
Do you have Bluetooth?
Do you have earbuds?
we now use Celsius instead of F
We use the metric system
Do you have Bitcoin

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I finally got all my bulbs switched out for LEDs.

When the Cubs won the series I was at Starbucks, watching on my phone.

Hey, I gotta run. Can you set up an uber for me?

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The Red Sox have won the World Series three times this century.

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Whereas the Bronx Bummers have only won twice- YAY!

I hope the BoSox destroy that bigoted scumbag Gurriel and the rest of the Asstrolls. ;-)

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Look! The President just tweeted me!

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@doggie reminded me… the Cubs win the world series!

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Thanks. @doggie went baseball because I had just mentioned the Cubs.

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The president of the US had a rapper front and center at a press conference and let him ramble for over 5 minutes. Then they hugged.

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That wikipedia is considered a legitimate source.

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@Patty_Melt I finally got all my bulbs changed out to florescent ones to help cut down on energy usage and then they become harder to find and now I am trying to change all my bulbs out to LED’s but those dang florescent ones don’t burn out very quickly.

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@Brian1946 Whereas the Bronx Bummers have only won twice- YAY


My darling husband, a lifelong Yankees fan, was sad this week. I was elated.

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Actually, you COULD pay bills online 30 years ago if your bank supported it. I think it required a modem. I first started hearing of these online servers like AOL and CompuServe about that time. First heard of The Internet around 1989–1990

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Cars with backup and side camera.

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