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Does anyone know of a cable T.V. service where one can select / view movies from a VERY extensive list?

Asked by Yellowdog (6146points) 3 months ago

Sometimes I want to watch a Dan Curtis movie such as Burnt Offerings or House of Dark Shadows. Other times, I want to watch Miracle on 34th street or Superman (1978). Sometimes I want to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie or Gone with the Wind.

It used to be that you could go to a video store, but even then the selections were limited or sucked altogether. Sometimes you could purchase them or order them and they’d come through some online service.

But I think technology has evolved to the point that we can demand instant gratification and pay a few dollars to view virtually anything that’s ever been listed on IMDb. But most On Demand services have too limited selections for what I really want to view. Mostly popular movies available for a limited time.

If I want to view Its a Wonderful Life or Old Yeller or Willy Wonka, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Bednobs and Broomsticks, or some Godzilla flick, why can’t it just be at my fingertips?

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No. Some body or some entity tried to get the local cable company to allow customers to select only the channels they wanted/watched sans any others that might normally be included in a certain cable channel “package” but it was denied as being too technical/expensive to accomplish. (Each customer would have to have his/her cable access connection specifically set up to allow the precise channels wanted.)

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I can’t actually recommend a provider, but I can tell you that there is almost certainly one out there that will come close to what you’re after, if you can include the satelite and internet folks in the mix.

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same feeling.
Maybe the storage ability of a vedio web company is limited, so it has to upload as many vedios most people want to watch as it can. allocating most resources to most people.

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Get a streaming device/smart TV and subscribe to a streaming source like Netflix or Filmstruck with Criterion package.

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No, there is nothing that is that good. Even Netflix.

The problem is licensing. The content owners (studios, etc.) want to control content in order to make it more costly. So they make their films – even older ones – seem rare by withholding them from the market to create a false sense of value. Then they will license them for a year or so, and take them off the market again.

None of the streamers – Google Play, Apple, Hulu, Netflix, whatever – have a comprehensive big list of almost all films. They’re being held back artificially.

Among other things, that’s why torrenting is still so popular. Because torrents are the ‘real’ market, not the fake market that the content providers are trying to control.

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