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How shall we celebrate this notable Flutherversary?

Asked by Jeruba (51917points) October 16th, 2018

It’s First Question Day! October 16, 2006: First Question posted on Fluther, twelve years ago today.

When looking this question up the other day, I also noticed the date. Doesn’t this mean time to party?

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If you don’t mind @Jeruba, may I give a little speech?
So I want to thank Ben and Andrew for creating this wonderful world called Fluther. It has brought together many people that would never have met otherwise. I miss the people who have died, those that have just left here and not been heard from again. I worry that some are sick and lonely.
I am happy for the friends I have made and for those I have met in real life.
Fluther has been so entertaining on many levels for so many years.
Let the party begin with some salt and pepper chips raised to each other!

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Hear, hear! Thank you, @chyna. Well said.

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Thanks for asking?

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Sure. The cake is in the frizzer.

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I’m baking pancakes.

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All of Hyderabad celebrates this momentous occasion.

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seems like a lifetime ago

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I’m in for a party! I’ll bring the Brie! Lots of Brie!

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I was once snowed in and had laryngitis. Fluther was my only source of full-sentence conversation for about 3 days. (Facebook was too all over the place then, actual conversations were difficult.)
I’ll bring a case of bubbly, a case of PBR, and ice cream for the frizzer!

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I will open a new container of salt and pepper.

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As usual, I’ve got the balloons. A party has to have balloons.

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It really is a lifetime ago, isn’t it? <3 <3 <3

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^^ Several little peoples’ lifetimes ago!

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Thinking of friends passed, young and younger.
I got some cake from the frizzer. It needs to thaw a little while.

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Where’s Auggie?

Thrilled to see Andrew here! Thanks for stopping by, honored Founder.

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Thank you, Ben and Andrew!! Thank you for a wonderful online community!

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What an exciting thread.

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I await those who have died to show up here collecting lurve again. And tell us indeed there is a heaven.

Do we have a list of those who passed away? Link please. Thank you.

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Fluther was a lifeline for me during a very difficult time in my life. It has been the source of many enduring friendships and new connections. It is not the intellectual bastion it once was, but it is still compelling. Let us party on. Lots of music, food and drink, and fun!

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I don’t think we have a list of known deceased members, but we can make one, with a bouquet of fond thoughts.

(I’m looking these up as I type them, to make sure I spell them right.)

There’s gailcalled, of course.
And cak, dear Chris Anne. (I don’t know if this is confirmed.)
whatthefluther – Gary
everephebe – Daniel

Please add others that you know of, and we will keep an In Memoriam alcove in the big family room of the mansion.

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I’ve been here over eight years now, nearly 12% of my life. Help, how do I get out?

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^^^ Just like any good Jelly, you swim and float away. But, please don’t; I like you too much.

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OK, I will stay. Thank you.

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Hey I got some Canadian Whiskey ,and Beer, help yourselves but I can’t I have to work tonight.
I have learned a great deal being here, and even though a bit irritating at times I think my writing skills have improved a touch.

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“Please add others that you know of, and we will keep an In Memoriam alcove in the big family room of the mansion.”

Here are some more who I think have passed:


I’d say there’s a chance that DarkScribe and JilltheTooth have passed, but hopefully I’m wrong.

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@Brian1946 Jillthetooth is alive and well, thankfully!

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Thanks for the good news!

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Holy Moses.
That’s Almost-A-Teenager ago!

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By crowning me manager & chief moderator, they all begged me at one time or another but I always turned their offer down citing “we have staff for that”
Comes a time though when a man has to face up to his responsibilities…i’m ready godammit!!

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Let’s not forget sweet and thoughtful Unbroken .

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I’m not positive, but I think MissAnthrope passed away, too. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

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Nope, she’s a FB friend.

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Sorry I’m late! I can’t express what Fluther has meant for me. It was a huge part of my life for a very long time, and helped me in innumerable ways. I lurve you all!

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Auggie! Hurray. There’s a warm spot waiting over by the pancake griddle.

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Auggie!!! Where have you been?

We need you back, in so many ways!

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Hi, @augustlan. I’ve missed you.

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I miss you guys, too! <3

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