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When you look in the mirror, do you see your parents?

Asked by janbb (53797points) 2 months ago

I just saw a picture of myself from my vacation and my expression is so much like my mother’s. I also see myself in her eyes and hands.

What do you see of which parent when you look at yourself? Physically or psychologically.

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I have gotten heavy since walking and running have been taken from me. Now I look like my dad.

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To see either or both of my parents’ reflections in a mirror, would be a most ghostly experience!

I have my patriarchal parental unit’s pattern baldness, but otherwise my primary influences for facial expressions are Mad magazine and Jim Carrey.

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I really only look in mirrors for grooming purposes, so I don’t focus, but I can’t bear to see pictures of myself, as I look (to me) just like my mother, who I can’t stand.

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I am a very odd blend of both, people tell me I look like one or the other all the time. Then they’ll say you laugh like your dad, others think I laugh like my mom. They weren’t together long, so it blows my mind a little.

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@KNOWITALL Growing up, half the people told me I looked exactly like my Dad and half said exactly like my Mom.

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@janbb My bio-dad just ate a hearing aid battery two weeks ago accidentally, instead of his antacid and had to go to the ER, so I’ll stick with my mama! haha

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No, I physically resemble neither of parents but I can recognise some psychological traits from each of them.

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I do not live with my parents.

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@ragingloli Hey sweetie – it’s a metaphor but you are funny!

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I look like a mix of both my parents so I can see expressions of them both when I look at myself. I also see my sister which is even more disturbing. As far as personality, I have no problem seeing in myself some of the negative traits each of my parents have, but no positive qualities. I suppose that’s because I never saw much of those.

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I suppose I have changed over time. I used to look more like my mother, when I was younger. Now, I think I resemble my father more.

Long ago, we realized that my father and I have almost identical lines on our palms…

I have green eyes. Nobody in my family ever has had green eyes, that I ever knew. Plenty of blue, and mostly brown eyes in my family. I’m also much larger than most people in my family. I think I’m the biggest of all I can recall. Most men in my family are average height, with a medium build. I had a great uncle that was a bear of a man. I was scared of him, as a child. My dad was always the biggest person in the room, and it made me feel safe I guess. He was a small man compared to Uncle Jr. Now, I’ve probably surpassed even him. I’m only 260 lbs now, but 8 months ago, I was 315 (when I was a bouncer.)

Interestingly enough, I am the youngest of 5 offspring, of my father. And I am by far the largest. It’s interesting to me, because my father was the youngest of 3, and he was the biggest…

I’m not sure if my grandmother was even 5 feet tall, or if she even weighed 100 pounds…

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Dang, a mountain of a man @MrGrimm888!!

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I’m much smaller now. I’m still 6’5 or more, but my friends say I look very different from when I was 315. I cut my huge beard down to a goatee too. My big beard didn’t look right on my thinner face….

My father was 6 feet tall, about 275, in his prime. He could curl 100 lb dumbbells, and was an intimidating man.He used to have a big red beard too. I think he’s only 200 lbs now..

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When I look in the mirror I generally see two images reflecting back at me & those are as follows.

1) My handsome/mischief making self.
2) Carstairs our butler standing right behind me, clothes brush in hand.

Only becomes disturbing when one realises we have a mirrored bedroom ceiling, I mean…what on earth does he intend on doing with that sodding brush!?!

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Everyone says I look like my dad when he was younger.

Whether that’s true is hard to tell. My parents were immigrants. They left their country in the middle of a war and didn’t bring along many family photos.

I remember one black and white photo of my dad. He’s wearing his US Air Force uniform and standing next to his motorcycle.

I don’t think we have the same features necessarily. But I think the way our eyes smile are similar.

As I’ve gotten older, I think I look more like my mom. Especially when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror from the corner of my eye.

But when I look straight on into the mirror, I don’t see it anymore.

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I don’t get to…I’m a walk-in…its not possible to say the words but maybe its okay to write them? I don’t know any better and wish not to be bad…I’m scared and frightened and want to go home…

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