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Will fake blood turn brown on a dyed turquoise color t-shirt?

Asked by xTheDreamer (890points) 3 months ago

For Halloween I’m going as The Purge: Election Year Lady Liberty. And to not spend so much on costume I thought I’d buy a €2 oversize white t-shirt and dye it turquoise with food coloring. But now I want to put fake blood on it and I was wondering will it stay red as fake blood or will the fake blood blend with the dye on the t-shirt and turn into a brown color instead of red?

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This should be easy to test. Try out a little bit in an inconspicuous spot, such as the back hem or under the arm.

I’m no expert on dyeing, but I think using food coloring would be doing it the hard way and would probably make a major mess. Why not just buy a turquoise shirt to begin with? or a length of turquoise (aqua, sea green, pale green) fabric that you can drape as needed?

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Wouldn’t real blood turn brown anyway?

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Sure, but Halloween costumes typically go for the fresh-gore look, right? All the better to get an “eww” response and petrify little kids.

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There are different kinds of fake blood.

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@Zaku is right—and unfortunately, most fake blood has too much violet in it. Purple is probably a necessary component of crimson, but just the slightest hue too much purple and it does not look like blood at all.

Brown would be better—a crimson rose brown, but brown.

If you are wanting to go permanent, use acrylic paint—crimson and brown. red/crimson in accordance to how much Fresh Gore you want.

Acrylic paints look the most like blood, gore, vomit, poop, or whatever organic of the body gore or filth you are attempting to replicate.

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Well, real blood would turn brown, but I think fake blood is designed to stay red.

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