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Is not signing out of the chat room sort of like not making your bed?

Asked by josie (28668points) 2 months ago

I confess I don’t like chat rooms but once and a while I take a peek if someone is there. I noticed that sometimes people sign in, but they don’t sign out, even though they are clearly gone.

It doesn’t hurt anything, but wouldn’t proper chat room discipline include signing out?

I think it’s sort of like not making your rack or hanging up your towel.

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Not checking out of the tw@ room is basically advertising the fact you were in there in the first place, like admitting you attended a Celine Dion concert…embarassing.

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It’s like not putting the lid on the jar after you made a sandwich, not closing the bathroom door after you went there, not cleaning your brush after a paint job, not finishing a sente

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It’s like the Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

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In my estimation, this is an extremely meaningless thing to worry about. Like counting how many grains of salt are in the saltshaker. Much ado about nothing.

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I think there has been a glitch where people are not signed out when they leave. Some folks get hung up in it for days.

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I have decided there is absolutely no question that can be asked on this site that does not, eventually, draw sanctimony from someone.

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@josie hey, sanctimony is better than vitriol at least!

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You are correct about that. But it is just so predictable. Might as well go back to asking questions that attract vitriol. At least it would break the routine. It isn’t worth the effort to try to ask questions that are light-hearted.

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I had an important Reese Cup question you didn’t respond to @Josie. :-)

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I’ll find it. See if I can find a way to be offended, devastated, appalled, disgusted, etc. by it.

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